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Library Resources for Education


Finding and Using Instruments

Many tests and other instruments are used in the fields of education and psychology. "Published" tests are available from commercial publishers and are typically subject to various restrictions. Using them normally requires contacting the author or publisher to request a copy of the instrument or permission to use it. There is often a cost associated with use.

"Unpublished tests" are not commercially available for purchase.  Some are difficult to locate, while others are found in journal articles or books.  Sometimes, the author gives permission to reproduce or use the instrument.   It may be unclear if use is permitted or not; in that case, you should assume that you do not have permission to use the instrument.  You may decide to contact the author for permission to use or modify the instrument.  It is the user’s responsibility when using any test to adhere to copyright requirements.

State Specific Assessment Resources
  • Missouri State Teachers Association
    • The Missouri State Teachers Association is a grassroots independent professional organization committed to educating the state's children by protecting, supporting, and educating over 47,000 Missouri educators and other professionals for more than 165 years.
  • Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments
    • For initial certification in Missouri, all teacher must pass the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments (MEGA)
  • National Education Association
    • NEA is the largest professional teachers labor union in the United States, with over 3 million educators.
Additional Web Resources for Testing and Assessment

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