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Printing Help Information about printing at JCKL

How to Print

JCKL provides a printing services for students using the GoPrint print management system. This page contains basic information about printing at JCKL using GoPrint. For additional assistance, feel free to contact JCKL personnel for assistance.

How to Print

Follow these steps to send a document to the GoPrint printing system.

Opening the Print Dialog

Open the file you want to print on any computer at JCKL. To open a print dialog in most applications, you can press CTRL + P or go to the top menu and select File >> Print. One exception is PDF documents. In many browsers, to print a PDF file, you need to hover the mouse around the bottom of the screen until a small menu with a print icon appears.

Selecting a Printer

The printer you select depends on how you want to pay and whether you want color. There is only one color printing option. If you want to print in color, select the printer labeled Commons Color GoPrint. If you want to pay via Central Cash using your UCM ID card, select any of the three Commons printers. Otherwise, select the printer in the most convenient location for you to pick up.

Paying and Picking Up

Pay stations are located on each floor near the printers. For pay station locations, see the section below titled Where to Pay. At the pay station, you should see your username on the computer screen. Select your name and press Next. Select your print job and press Continue. At this point, insert coins or swipe your card, depending on your payment method. At the top-right of the screen is an indicator showing how much money you have inserted or the balance available on your card or account. If the money available is equal to or greater than the amount owed, press the Pay and Print button. Your print job will be released at this point.

Paying for Prints

Several options are available for paying for prints. 

Where to Pay

Pay stations are located on each floor. On the first floor, there are two pay stations in the Harmon Computer Commons next to the service desks. On the second floor, the pay station is next to the reference desk. On the third floor, the pay station is in front of the service desk. All pay stations accept the same payment methods, with one exception. There is a second pay station in the Harmon Computer Commons that only accepts Central Cash payments via your UCM ID card.


The price of printing is as follows:

  • Black and white - $0.10 per page
  • Color - $0.75 per page

Duplex (double-sided) prints are charged per sheet of paper, not per side. A two-page black and white document printed double-sided on a single sheet costs $0.10, not $0.20. Printing in duplex mode is a good way to save money.

Paying with Cash

Cash payment is accepted on all three floors. The pay stations accept all coins except pennies and $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills. If you need to break a bill for change, there are two change machines. One is located on the first floor next to the circulation desk. A second is located on the second floor next to the copier area on the north side of the building.

Paying with Your Central Cash Account (Student ID Card)

Central Cash payment is available in the Harmon Computer Commons. This allows you to pay for prints using your UCM ID card to draw funds from your Central Cash account. In order to pay with Central Cash, you must have funds in your Central Cash account. There are two ways to load  funds into your account:

  • VTS - A VTS is like a reverse ATM machine that lets you deposit cash into your Central Cash account. The VTS stations accept cash only. Funds deposited into your account via VTS are available immediately. VTS stations are located in various places throughout campus. One is located in the JCKL building next to Einstein Bros.
  • Online Payment - You can load funds into your Central Cash account online using this form. This allows you to use credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks to load funds. However, the funds will not be available immediately for you to spend. Online deposits are loaded daily at 4 PM and 10 PM.