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All Employees


Name Title Department Email Phone Office
Anthes, Kim Library Operations Budget Coordinator Library Administration 660-543-4145 JCKL 2230
Beyerink, Nate Assessment and Acquisitions Librarian Collection Management 660-543-4459 JCKL 2256
Cary, Patty Special Collections Library Assistant Special Collections 660-543-4151 JCKL 2434
Chappell, Vanesa Interlibrary Loan Assistant Client Services 660-543-4508 JCKL 2434
Constant, Kyle Library Systems and Discovery Coordinator Library Systems and Discovery 660-543-4153 JCKL 2254
Evans, Sara Liaison Librarian (College of Education) Information Literacy 660-543-8502 JCKL 1120
Gidakovic, Sanja Liaison Librarian (College of Health, Science and Technology) Information Literacy 660-543-4683 JCKL 1115
Gieselman, Nancy Administrative Assistant to the University Librarian Library Administration 660-543-4140 JCKL 2234
Hallis, Robert Liaison Librarian (College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) Information Literacy 660-543-8002 JCKL 1125
Heater, Teresa Client Services Manager Client Services 660-543-4194 JCKL 1150
Kaiser, Anthony Liaison Librarian (College of Business and Professional Studies) Information Literacy 660-543-8016 JCKL 1110
Kirkendall, Andrea Cataloging and Metadata Librarian Collection Management 660-543-8097 JCKL 2258
Klein, Janette

University Librarian

Collection Management Coordinator, Business Librarian Liaison

Library Administration

Information Literacy 660-543-4140 JCKL 2234
Kucij, Maya

Assistant University Librarian

Special Collections Librarian, Director of Children's Literature Festival - Assistant Professor

Library Administration

Special Collections 660-543-4306 JCKL 2444
McNeeley, Shara Journal Control Library Assistant Collection Management 660-543-8831 JCKL 2251
Skahan, Cindy Acquisitions Library Assistant Collection Management 660-543-4147 JCKL 2251
Trent, Michelle Cataloging and Materials Retention Library Assistant Collection Management 660-543-4329 JCKL 2251
Mauschbaugh, Rebekah Communication and Events Library Assistant Special Collections 660-543-4553 JCKL 2434


Name Email Phone Location
Client Services/Circulation 660-543-4194 JCKL 1150
Interlibrary Loan 660-543-4508 JCKL 1150
Library Assessment 660-543-4459 JCKL 2256
Research Assistance Research Assistance Form 660-543-4154 JCKL 1100
Special Collections 660-543-4306 JCKL 2444
Collection Management 660-543-4147 JCKL 2251
University Librarian's Office 660-543-4140 JCKL 2234