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History of the James C. Kirkpatrick Library


James C. Kirkpatrick Library

Named after the longest serving Missouri Secretary of State,  the James C. Kirkpatrick Library is an advanced research and information facility designed to support the comprehensive range of the University's academic programs and statewide mission in technology. Containing 200,000 square feet of floor space and over 2.3 million books, documents, periodicals, curricula, and other information, the Library has a footprint the size of one football field. 

Under construction for two and a half years, the library is built for the demands of the 21st century, offering a myriad of sophisticated learning tools and information connections expanding worldwide. With large glass panels that line the exterior walls of the building providing significant natural light, the Library provides students, faculty, staff, and visitors with a clean, comfortable, and safe environment within which to research, study, and create new knowledge.

Today, the Library serves as the University's central space for academic learning, housing the Learning Commons, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and the University Museum and Archives. Students have access to 30+ group study and media preview rooms, computers for use throughout the building, as well as wireless access everywhere. Einstein's Bagels and Jimmy K's Café offer beverages and light snacks, along with numerous places to sit and relax, do group work, or study.

(Taken in part from: Central Missouri State. James C. Kirkpatrick Library. Dedication Program. March 24, 1999.)


James C. Kirkpatrick

The Library at the University of Central Missouri is named after the longest serving Missouri Secretary of State James C. Kirkpatrick. Mr. Kirkpatrick began his first term as Secretary of State on January 11, 1965 and remained in office for two full decades. As Secretary, Mr. Kirkpatrick ushered in such reforms as statewide voter registration and supervised the most complete overhaul of Missouri’s election code in the 20th Century.

Born in Braymer, Missouri, Mr. Kirkpatrick obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Missouri followed by attending the University of Missouri, School of Journalism. He spent the first part of his career in the news business, first as a newspaperman with the Warrensburg Daily Star Journal where he was promoted to editor. Next he served as editor of Jefferson City’s News and Tribune as well as publishing both the Windsor Review and the Lamar Daily Democrat. The University of Central Missouri recognized his service awarding him an honorary doctorate in 1979.

Serving the University of Central Missouri for more than half a century, Mr. Kirkpatrick was a member of UCM’s Board of Governors for 12 years, 10 of these years as President. He continued to be active at UCM until his passing in 1997. The James C. Kirkpatrick Library houses a full-sized replica of his office.

(Taken in part from:  Central Missouri State. James C. Kirkpatrick Library. Dedication Program. March 24, 1999.)