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Children's Literature

Where are the kids' books?

  • General Children's and Young Adult Literature is on the 3rd floor of the James C. Kirkpatrick Library (JCKL) and is divided into Fiction and Non-Fiction. 

    • Fiction is in the northwest corner and Non-Fiction is in the northeast.You can find a map of the Library here.
  • Children's Literature in Special Collections is on 2nd floor of JCKL. These materials are in closed stacks, and can be searched through the Library Catalog. They may be consulted by request.

How do I find them in the catalog?

  • Children's Literature can be found several ways by using the search tools on the Library website.
    • If you know the title of the book, use our Central Search option on the Library homepage.
    • If you are looking for a particular subject,
      • select "Library Catalog" underneath the Central Search box and choose "Children's Subject" in the dropdown box, or
      • include the word "juvenile" in your search, for example: "ducks juvenile" and limit your search to books/ebooks in the filters in the lefthand navigation.

How do I find them on the shelf?

Children's Literature is organized by the Dewey Decimal system.

  • Fiction materials are organized by author's last name and start with JE, followed by first letter of an author's last name. For example, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: JE R797hp 1999 (R for Rowling).
  • Non-Fiction call numbers start with JE or JE B for Biography followed by a number.  
  • Non-Fiction items are organized by general subject area, according to this Dewey Decimal subject list