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Using Library Resources & Services


JCKL added a new study room reservation system. This system will make it easier to get a room and prevent long lines of waiting students. JCKL no longer checks out keys or maintains a waiting list.

Video Tutorial


  1. Go to will see a calendar like this: 
    study room calendar
  2. Select the date you want to reserve using the monthly calendar on the left.
    monthly calendar
  3. Click on the time slot you want to reserve. Green slots are available. Red are already booked. Rooms cannot be checked out during gray time slots. 
  4. Click Continue at the bottom of the page.
  5. Fill out the form fields. You will receive an email confirmation. Use this confirmation to prove that you have booked the room.


By booking a study room, you agree to the following:

  • When not reserved, study rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Study room users without reservations must leave immediately when requested by an individual or group with proof of a valid reservation.
  • Vacate the room promptly when your reservation period ends so that the next individual or group can have their full time.
  • Do not start a timed test or other activity that will extend beyond your reserved time. If there is another reservation, you will be asked to leave.
  • Rooms are meant to be shared by as many students as possible. Back-to-back and/or multiple reservations by a group beyond the daily two hour limit are not allowed even if different people in the group are reserving the room. Such reservations may be canceled by library staff.
  • The library reserves the right to remove unattended belongings if the reservation period is expired and the room is reserved by another patron. Belongings may be claimed at the circulation desk.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for unattended personal belongings.
  • Study rooms are not intended to provide privacy. Library staff may enter the rooms as needed for security, maintenance, or other issues.
  • Children and service animals may not be left alone in study rooms at any time.
  • Respect the equipment and furnishings. You will be held responsible for any damage to the equipment, furniture, or the room itself during your reservation.
  • Please clean up the room before you leave so that it is ready for the next user. This includes erasing the white board.
  • Respect others studying nearby and keep the noise down. The study rooms are not sound-proof.
  • If you are unable to resolve a dispute over the use of a room, please seek assistance at the Client Service desk on the first floor.

Failure to follow these policies may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of access to the study rooms. Your cooperation and courtesy are appreciated.