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Instructor Course Reserve Request


Course Reserves Policy

JCKL offers a Course Reserves service whereby student course content is made available by instructional faculty through JCKL without requiring students to purchase course content. A single copy of the course content, usually an electronic copy of an article, part of a book, etc. from the JCKL collections may be placed on Reserve for a particular course.

Eligible Materials to be Placed on Course Reserves

In adherence with the Copyright Laws as outlined in Title 17 of the United States Code and the UCM Copyright & Fair Use Policy the following materials in brief are eligible to be placed on Course Reserves.

  • Required reading for courses being taught in the current semester.
  • Materials not available in quantity.
  • Electronic copies of articles or chapters of books, or photocopies of content owned by JCKL.
  • CDs, DVDs, and other media supported by UCM.

Materials that Generally Cannot be Placed on Course Reserves

  • Periodicals
  • Non-circulating books
  • Reference Materials (including textbooks)
  • Workbooks.

Course Reserves Options

JCKL offers course reserves in electronic or physical format. Electronic format, when available, is strongly encouraged as it enables simultaneous multi-user access to the information.

Electronic Reserves

All requests for articles or chapters of books will be processed in electronic format if held as part of JCKL collections. If the material is not available in electronic format then a physical copy of the material will be placed in Course Reserve as outlined below.

Electronic course reserves (E-Course Reserves) are accessible to students enrolled in a relevant course through the course’s Blackboard site. Course Reserves staff will provide to faculty the files or links for faculty to upload into Blackboard.

Physical Reserve Options

Placing physical format(s) of items on Course Reserves is available only when an entire text, video, etc. is needed for a course and there is no electronic equivalent.

Physical course reserves are linked to the Course Reserves feature of the library discovery system. Physical course reserves items are located on the course reserves open shelves located by the Library Services Desk on the first floor of JCKL. Students may check-out course reserves using their UCM ID. Instructors determine the length of time a physical item may check out: 2 hours, 1 day, 3 days or 7 days.

Course Reserves Timeframe and Item Removal

Course reserves items are offered for the current semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer) and will be automatically removed at the end of the semester. If an instructor wishes to renew the course reserves item(s) from one semester to the next, please re-submit the request(s) using the Course Reserves form.

Deadlines for Submitting Course Reserves

Course Reserves requests must be submitted 3 working days prior to when the items are needed for a course. This requirement ensures library employees properly prepare items for student access. Any issues or problems with the Course Reserve request will be communicated to the faculty member requesting the reserves. Course Reserves staff will work with instructors to resolve issues whenever possible.

Submitting a Course Reserves request

Use the Course Reserves form to submit requests. Any questions on course reserves can be emailed to Teresa Heater or call 660-543-4194.

Faculty Personal Copies for Course Reserves

The library will endeavor to use library-owned or licensed materials for Course Reserves when possible. JCKL will only accept a faculty member’s personal copy of an item placed on Course Reserves when:

  • Acquiring a library purchased copy is not possible (item is out of print or no modern format is available), or
  • A library-owned copy cannot be made available by the time needed, or
  • The item requested to be placed on Course Reserves is an item not generally placed on Course Reserves as outlined above.

In most situations upon placement of a faculty personal copy on Course Reserves, the library will either purchase a copy of a title needed for a course or point to electronically available resources if already available. Once a library-owned or licensed item is available on Course Reserves, the personal copy will be returned to the lending instructional faculty. Your Liaison Librarian will assist with acquiring course reserves materials if the library does not already own or have access to the needed information. If personal copies of a physical item from an instructor are placed on Course Reserves, JCKL does not assume responsibility for any damage or loss.

Multiple Copies Policy

JCKL strongly discourages providing multiple copies of a physical item for Course Reserves.  Accommodations may be made if the title is out of print and may be reevaluated on a case by case basis should the situation arise in the future.

Course Reserves Usage Statistics

At the end of the semester, JCKL will share usage information when available to the instructor.  This information will help with determining optimal ways to make information available to students for their coursework.

Approved by LSC 8/2/17