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Using Library Resources & Services

Late Fine Amounts

James C. Kirkpatrick Library does not charge fines for materials returned in good condition after their due date (excludes technology and accessories).

Material Category Overdue Fines Amount*
Laptops and accessories $1 per day

*Fees addressed in this policy may differ from fines and fees when materials are borrowed through Interlibrary Loan.

Approved by Library Services Council, Aug. 9, 2019,

Updated May 10, 2022

Damaged Library Items

A replacement fee of $75.00 may be applied for materials returned in damaged condition. Replacement fees may vary for technology and accessories.

Approved by Library Services Council, May 10, 2022

Lost Library Items

  • A replacement fee of $75.00 will be applied for each item reported lost.
  • Replacement fees for technology may vary.
  • JCKL will not accept replacement copies of library materials in lieu of lost/damaged item fees.
  • For each lost item returned in good condition, the lost fee will be waived, however overdue fees may apply.
  • Lost books that are returned within one (1) year from the due date will be refunded the replacement fee.
  • Lost technology items that are returned within six (6) months from the due date will be refunded the replacement fee minus the overdue fine.

Approved by Library Services Council, January 7, 2017,

updated September 22, 2017, updated October 12, 2021, updated May 10, 2022

Check-out Email Notices

JCKL sends notices on checked out materials as reminders.

Email Notice Occurrence
Courtesy Reminder Two days before item is due
1st Overdue One day past due
2nd Overdue Item(s) one week overdue
3rd Overdue Item(s) two weeks overdue
4th Notice - Lost Fee Item(s) four weeks overdue

Approved by Library Services Council, August 4, 2016

Updated May 10, 2022

Paying Fees and Fines

All library charges (fines, replacement fees, etc.) are sent to Student Financial Services.  Fees and fines may be paid at Student Financial Services or through your MyCentral account.

Approved by Library Services Council, August 4, 2016

Updated May 10, 2022

Library Fees/Fines Appeal Process

When a library patron believes that a library fine and/or fee regarding the use of library materials is incorrect, they may initiate an appeal.

The library patron must fill out and submit the Library Patron Fines & Fees Appeal Form.  When appropriate, copies of fine/fee payment or other appropriate documents must be included in the form to support an appeal.

The appeal will be reviewed by the Library Fines & Fees Appeals Committee.  The Board will review the appeal and make a determination within 3 working days of the appeal submission.  A student may request an expedited appeal if warranted. The Client Services Manager will contact the patron by UCM email. The Board reserves the right to request more information and may contact the patron as needed.  The burden of proof in the appeal process lies solely with the individual raising the appeal.

Approved by LSC on Aug. 4, 2016, rev. by JCKL Council on Aug. 6, 2018

Updated May 10, 2022