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EDFL 3240 - Media Bias Assignment

Websites and Organizations for Fact Checking

In addition to identifying the bias of various publications, this site can help you identify your own bias.

In addition to news, this site covers Facebook hoaxes. They are famous for their “truthometer” ratings which range from “True” to “Pants on Fire”.

Snopes researches many different types of stories from politics to medicine to determine of the information is accurate or not.  
The main focus on this site is politics but it also addresses problems with Facebook, health, TV ad special interest groups, internet rumors, etc.

Washington Post Fact Checker
Analyses truth (or not) of various current news stories.

“Hoax-Slayer is an Australian site which “debunks email and social media hoaxes, thwarts Internet scammers, combats spam, and educates web users…”


Media Bias Chart - Vanessa Otero

Vanessa Otero's chart not only shows the left right position of the publication but it also indicates if the reporting is accurate of misleading.