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Clyde Robert Bulla Papers Miscellaneous: Works by other authors

Works with other authors

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Clyde Robert Bulla Papers Miscellaneous   Clyde Robert Bulla photo

Collection Inventory

Box 22
17.5” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Works of Other Authors

          1. Anderson, William T.
a. Signed poster from M is for Mount Rushmore
2. Angelo, Valenti
a. Photos of illustrations
b. Correspondence
3. Bornstein, Ruth Lecher
a.  Galleys for Butterflies and Lizards, Beryl and Me
b.  Typed manuscript “My Smiles”
c.  Typed manuscript “What I Want to Write About”
d.  Copies of illustrations
e.  Two sets of 5 Valentine’s illustrated by Bornstein
4. Cunningham, Julia
a. Typed manuscript—The Shadow Heart
b. Typed manuscript—Patrick and the Word War
c. Typed manuscript—Decla and the Paper People
d. Copy of speech with correspondence—“The Uses of the Imagination”
e. Newspaper and magazine articles
 f. Article from Something About the Author
  g. Publisher pictures and brochures
h. Copies of two poems
i. Copy of Author-Go-Round 1981
j. Miscellaneous pages
 k. Book cover with handwritten note
l. Correspondence with little book—The  Littlest Book of Monet’s Garden
m. Song—“Hymn of Joy”
5. Freeman, Don
a.  Book cover with handwritten note—Quiet! There’s a Canary in the Library
6. Gag, Wanda
 a.  Note cards—set of 5
7. Greenberg, Jan and Gloria Skurzynski
a.  Copy of  “Author’s Alphabet Book”
8. Harness, Cheryl
a.  Two copies of typed manuscript for Theodore Roosevelt
b.  Typed manuscript for Myles Standish
9. Hautzig, Debbie
a.  Folder of artwork from childhood
  b.  Typed paper—“The Rosenberg Trial

Box 23
17.5” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Works of Other Authors (continued)

          10. Jones, Ivan C.
a. Booklet—“Stories from the Thirties
b. Typed manuscript—Scribblings
11. Kiesel, Stanley
a. Two copies of typed manuscript—The War Between…The Pitiful Teachers and the Splendid Kids
b. Miscellaneous manuscript pages
c. Typed manuscript with correspondence—“Relentless Arrow”

Box 24
15.25” X 11.25” X 3”

     Works of Other Authors (continued)

          12. McCartney, Raub
a. Typed manuscript—“The Walking Stick”
13. McLea, L. Gee
a. Typed manuscript—“The Dungeon”
b. Typed manuscript—“The Unidentified Container”
c. Typed manuscript—“The Railroad He Run From”
d. Typed manuscript—“Brains Intelligence or What”
e. Typed manuscript—“Tip Toeing Through Beverly Hills with the Killeen’s”
f. Typed manuscript—“The Car”
14. Misterly, Eugene
a.  Music—“Bettina: An Opera in Three Acts” (Libretto by Bulla)
b.  Music—“Cask of Amontillado”—7/50
c.  Music—“Henry V—Act I-II and Act III” (Libretto by Bulla)—4/64
d.  Music—“String Quartet No. 1—7/11/65
e.  Music—“Two Part Invention”—12/74
15. Peay, F. L.
a. Typed manuscript—“A Clash of Symbols”
16. Pritchard, W. A.
a. Music—“Song of Rebellion”, signed
17. Pulcini, Ron
a. Typed manuscript—No Cause for Rejoicing with correspondence
 b. Newspaper clippings
18. Winstead, William
a. Musicial Compositions
1) “Mass Parody”
2) “Piano Sonata No. 1”
3) "The Valentine Cat”
4) Correspondence