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Clyde Robert Bulla Papers Miscellaneous: Works with Lois Lenski

Works with Lois Lenski

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Clyde Robert Bulla Papers Miscellaneous   Clyde Robert Bulla photo

Collection Inventory

Box 21
15.25” x 12.75” x 3”

     Works with Lois Lenski.

 1. At Our House. New York: Henry Z. Walck, 1959
a. List of songs
b. Pages with words to songs (noted which songs need tunes)
2. Frank Luther Sings Lois Lenski. New York: Henry Z. Walck, 1958.
a. Record 33 ⅓ RPM
b. Book review
3. Songs of Mr. Small. New York: Oxford University Press, 1954
a. Signed agreement between Lenski, Bulla, and Oxford University Press
b. Words to songs
4. Songs of the City. New York: Edward B. Marks Music Corporation, 1956.
a. Agreement between Bulla and Edward B. Marks Music Corp.
b. Copy of foreword
c. Letter to Lois Lenski from Elizabeth Riley
d. Contents page and words to songs
5. Up to Six. New York: Chas. H. Hansen Music Corp., 1956.
a. Signed agreement between Bulla, Lenski, and Chas. H. Hansen Music Corp.
b. Letter to Clyde Robert Bulla from Chas. H. Hansen Music Corp.
c. Words to songs
6. Very Young Songs
a. Contents
b. Notes
c. Words to Songs
d. Foreword
7. We Are Thy Children. New York: Crowell, 1952.
a. Letter to Lenski and Bulla from Chas. H. Hansen Music Corp.
b. Agreement between Bulla and Crowell
c. Letter to Lenski and Chas. H. Hansen Music Corp.
d. Correspondence
e. Press Release
8. When I Grow Up. New York: Henry Z. Walck, 1960
a. Words to songs
b. Book reviews
9. Miscellaneous words to songs