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Clyde Robert Bulla Papers Miscellaneous: Other Works

Other Published Works

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Clyde Robert Bulla Papers Miscellaneous   Clyde Robert Bulla photo

Collection Inventory


Box 18
15.25” x 12.75” x 3”

     Other Published Works

          1. Bettina
              a. ManuscripT
b. Newspaper clipping
c. Synopsis
d. Music
2. Dude! Stories and Stuff for Boys
a. Signed agreement between Bulla and Penguin
b. Correspondence
3. The Invitation
a. Signed agreement between Bulla and Ginn
b. Photocopy of story
 c. Correspondence

     Other Works by Clyde Robert Bulla

          1. Alien Ground—Typed manuscript
2. Blind Boone—Typed manuscript
3. Carlo, Go Home
a. Typed manuscript with revisions
b. Typed manuscript
4. The Chemistry
a. Manuscript handwritten in pencil
b. Typed manuscript with revisions
5. A Child Is Lost
a. Typed manuscript
b. Correspondence 
6. The Chinese Boy
a. Manuscript handwritten in ink
b. Typed manuscript
c. Typed manuscript
d. Typed manuscript
 e. Typed manuscript with title page
f. Typed manuscript—draft 1
g. Typed manuscript—draft 2
 h. Typed manuscript—draft 3
i. Correspondence
7. The Christmas Program
a.  Typed manuscript
8. The Daughter of Norma Lane
a.  Manuscript handwritten in ink
Typed manuscript with revisions
9. The Deepwater Mystery
a. Typed manuscript with revisions (pp. 27-31, 33-34 missing)
b. Typed manuscript—3 copies
10. Dorothy McKenzie
a. Typed manuscript with revisions and additions
b. Photo
c. Newspaper clipping
d. Correspondence
11. Elizabeth Riley—Manuscript
12. A Fourth of July Spent Far From Home
a. Typed manuscript
b. Correspondence
13. Geography U. S. A.
a. Typed manuscript with revisions/ correspondence attached
b. Photocopy of typed manuscript—2 copies
14. Good-by, House—Typed manuscript
15. Gregory’s Garden—Typed manuscript with revisions

Box 19
15.25” x 12.75” x 3”

     Other Works by Clyde Robert Bulla (continued)

         16. Jesse James
a. Spiral notebook with handwritten text
b. Handwritten manuscript
c. Typed manuscript with corrections
d. Typed manuscript
e.  Newspaper clippings
f.   Bibliography
g.  “Star Magazine” January 10, 1988
h. “True West” August/ September 2002
i.  “Real West” December 1971
j. Correspondence
k. Historical Poster—Pony Express
17. Know-Nothing Jesse
a. Typed manuscript
b. Correspondence
18. The Legend of the Coconut Tree
Working title: The Magic Palm Tree

               a. Typed manuscript with revisions and correspondence
               b. Typed manuscript
               c. Correspondence
               d. Typed manuscript
19. Leontyne Price
a. Typed manuscript—2 copies
b. Poem written at age 11
c. Correspondence
20. The Little Hill—Typed manuscript
21. My Friend, My Enemy—Typed manuscript
22. On a Thundery Monday Morning
a.  Handwritten copy
 b. Two typed copies
23. The Pink Room—Typed manuscript
24. The Redbud Tree—Typed manuscript
25. Remembering People and Places—Typed manuscript with revisions

Box 20
15.25” x 12.75” x 3”

     Other Works by Clyde Robert Bulla (continued)

         26. Roly Poly Bear
 a. Typed manuscript with revisions
b. Typed manuscript with song included
27. Say Good-bye to Sam
a. Typed manuscript
 b. Correspondence
28. The Stranger Upstairs
a. Miscellaneous handwritten pages
b. Manuscript handwritten
c. Manuscript—part handwritten and part typed
d. Typed manuscript with revisions
e. Typed manuscript—2 copies
 f. Typed manuscript—3 copies
g. Correspondence
h. Miscellaneous manuscript pages
i. Manuscript with correspondence
29. Sun, Moon, and Stars—Manuscript handwritten
30. A Wilderness for Us
Adaptation “Helga Aichinger
 a. Manuscript handwritten
               b. Typed manuscript
               c. Galley
               d. Card about Aichinger
               e. Correspondence