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Clyde Robert Bulla Papers Miscellaneous: Awards & Certificates

Clyde Robert Bulla Papers Miscellaneous

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Clyde Robert Bulla Papers Miscellaneous   Clyde Robert Bulla photo

Collection Inventory

Box 1
17.5” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Awards and Certificates

          1. Large Open Book Plaque (9” x 12 ½”)
               a.  Left side—The Author’s Club of Los Angeles First Annual Award for the Outstanding Juvenile Book of the Year 1961 by a Southern California Author
b.  Right side—Clyde Robert Bulla “Benito”
2. Open Book Plaque (7 ½” x 4 ⅜”)
a. Left side—Clyde Robert Bulla Distinguished Contribution to the Field of Children’s Literature Awarded 1962
b. Right side—1962 Annual Award Southern California Council on Children’s Literature Los Angeles State College—Founder
3. Clear plastic Rectangle (3” x 5”) in a clear base with Clyde Robert Bulla on it
a.  Squanto, Friend of the White Men by Clyde Robert Bulla, Illustrated by Peter Burchard
b.  Attached is a medallion (1 ½” diameter) with Boys’ Clubs of America Junior Book Award
4. Medallion (2” diameter) in a plastic case
a. Front—The Charlie May Simon Children’s Book Award
b. Back—A worthy contribution to Children’s Literature Chosen by the Children of Arkansas Awarded by the Elementary School Council Department of Education
                   Little Rock, Arkansas
5. Christopher Award (4” diameter)
a. Back—“Better to Light One Candle Than to Curse the Darkness
6. Certificate ( 12” x 14”)—In Appreciation
a. Taft Primary School, April 14, 1967 (Taft, CA)
7. Medallion—University of Southern Mississippi
a.  Lois Lenski Award
b.  Ernest H. Shepard--1970
c.  Roger Antoine Duvoisin--1971
d.  Marcia Brown--1972
e.  Barbara Cooney--1975
f.  Scott O'Dell--1976
g.  Adrienne Adams--1977
h.  Leonard Everett Fisher--1979
8. Medal--Grade School Spelling Contest--1st
9. Charm (5/8")
a. Front St. MS
b. Back--C.R.B.--4-26-83
10. Certificate (11” x 14”)—Honoring Clyde Robert Bulla
a.  Annual Claremont (CA) Reading Conference, 1968
11. Certificate (in folder 8 ½” x 11”)
a.  California State Senate, Contributions to Children’s Literature
12. Medallion (1 ¾” diameter) in a blue box (2 ⅝” x 2 ¾” x 1)
a. Front—Commonwealth of California  Founded 1903
b. Back—Commonwealth Club of California 1970 Juvenile Book Award to Clyde Robert Bulla, Author “Jonah and the Great Fish”
13. Black framed Certificate
a. Central Missouri State College—Outstanding Contribution to Children’s Literature, April 24, 1971
14. Certificate—Membership Society of Children’s Book Writers
a. August 18, 1974
15. Gold Engraved Owl on Wood (6 ½”  x 8 ½” )
a. Friends of the Altadena Library, April 12, 1973 (Altadena, CA)
16. Certificate—Meet the Author Program (8 ½” x 11”)
               a. San Diego County, Spring 1975

Box 2
17.5” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Awards and Certificates

         17. Wood and Metal Plaque (9 ⅞” x 13 ⅞”)
               a. A Notable Book Published During 1975 Clyde Robert Bulla—Shoeshine Girl Thomas Crowell Company Awarded by The Southern California Council
                   on Literature for Children and Young People 1976
18. Wood and Metal Plaque 
a. Sequoyah Children’s Book Award Clyde Robert Bulla, April 1, 1978 (Oklahoma Library Association)
19. Certificate—A Proclamation for crossing the equator
a. March 24, 1979
b. Signed by J. W. van der Noordt
c. Number 417
20. Medallion (2” diameter) in a gold and blue velvet box (3 ⅜” x 2 ⅝” x 1)
a. Front—South Carolina Children’s Book Award
b. Back—Winner Clyde Robert Bulla 1979-80
c. Thank you card for attending
21. Wood and Metal Plaque (7” x 9”)
a. Clyde Robert Bulla Authors’ Fair Honoree, Greater San Diego Reading Association (GSDRA), 1987
22. Wood and Metal Plaque (9” x 10 ¾”)
a. The Southern California Council on Literature for Children and Young People Outstanding Contribution of Lasting  Value in a Body of Work 1987
23. Metal (2 ½” x 2 ½”) on marble (3 x 3 x ¾”)
a. Clyde Robert Bulla, 1987 Authors’ Fair G. S. D. R. A.
24. Wood Framed Certificate (9 ½” x 12”)
  a. Celebrate Literacy—IRA (International Reading Association)
b. May 23, 1989
25. Wood and Metal Missouri-Shaped Plaque (9” x 8”)
a. In recognition of Clyde Robert Bulla For his lifelong commitment to writing quality literature for children
Presented by the Children’s Services Roundtable of M.L.A. (Missouri Library Association) September 27, 1990
26. Certificate (in folder 8 ½” x 11”)
a. Los Angeles Public Library
b. Contributions to the World of Children’s Literature, June 9, 1991
27. Certificate of Appreciation
a. Students of Eugene Field Elementary, Maryville, MO
b. October 18, 1994
28. Wood framed Reading Award
a. Eugene Field Elementary, Maryville, MO
b. October 18, 1994
29. Silver framed certificate
a. Salute to Clyde Robert Bulla
b. Hawthorne Elementary School, Mexico, MO
c. November 5, 1995
30. Marble Plaque (9 ½” x 10”)
a. Missouri shaped
b. Hawthorne Elementary School, Mexico, MO
c. November 6, 1995