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Academic Integrity Remediation Course

The Academic Integrity Remediation Course is intended to help students understand why academic integrity is important. The Academic Integrity Remediation Course consists of 4 learning sections, accompanying quizzes, and one final assessment. Student participation in the Academic Integrity Remediation Course is based on instructor referral. 

This course is intended to serve as a complement to the expectations already outlined by instructors in their courses and syllabi.

The Process

  • Remediation is tracked by a librarian through the library's Blackboard Organization course.
  • After being referred by faculty, students have 30 days to begin the remediation course.
  • Students must complete the course within 7 days of beginning. An 80% on the final assessment is required to pass and the final assessment may be re-taken one time.

► Faculty Referral for Remediation Form

  1. The instructor notifies student that they are being referred to the Academic Integrity Remediation course.
  2. The instructor completes the Academic Integrity Remediation Course Referral Form.
  3. A librarian will contact the referred student to provide them access to the course.
  4. Upon completion of the course, the librarian will communicate the completion status of the course with the instructor. The referral will be returned to the instructor if the student does not start the course within 30 days.

The course is available within Blackboard and utilizes SoftChalk modules and quizzes.

Key components of the Academic Integrity Remediation Course include:

  1. Four learning module sections on the basics of academic integrity in the following areas:
    • completing assignments
    • research, and writing integrity, e.g., plagiarism
    • testing integrity
    • integrity in scholarly, professional, and personal work.
  2. Video content and interactive quizzes for each of the four modules.
  3. Final comprehensive assessment

The anticipated time for students to complete the course is approximately 4 hours. The course will be open for the student to start for a total of 30 days. Please note, once the course is started, the student must complete the course in its entirety within 7 days.

Students who successfully complete the Academic Integrity Remediation Course will:

  • Learn that integrity is essential for all academic work as well as in the professional world Understand that cheating in academic work harms themselves, their professor(s), their fellow students, as well as the university as a whole
  • Reflect on academic misconduct and learn how such actions jeopardize personal integrity as well as the integrity of UCM
  • Understand that acknowledging mistakes and seeking ways to make amends to the academic community serves the purpose of maintaining academic integrity and strengthens their personal integrity Develop skills needed to identify and avoid future academic misconduct

Successful completion of the Academic Integrity Course is an 80% on the final assessment. Sections do not need to be completed in the same session and progress can be saved to resume at another time. Students will have 1 optional retry to the final assessment if 80% correct is not achieved on the first attempt.

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