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David L. Harrison Papers: Papers 6

David L. Harrison Papers 6

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David L. Harrison Papers 6  David Harrison photo

Collection Inventory

Box 18
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Oceans: The Vast, Mysterious Deep. Honesdale, PA:  Boyds Mill Press, 2002.

   1. Preliminary considerations
   2. Typed manuscript with revisions 1-15
   3. Typed manuscript—final version
   4. Missouri State Map with notes
   5. Copy of revised illustrations from Cheryl Nathan
   6. Author’s notes page (4 copies)
   7. Correspondence
   8. Dummy Book
   9. Proof

     Volcanoes: Nature’s Incredible Fireworks.  Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mill Press, 2002.

   1. Typed manuscript with revisions—versions 1-11
   2. Typed manuscript—final version
   3. Copy of author’s note (5 copies)
   4. Correspondence
   5. Dummy books (2)
   6. Proof—black and white
   7. Book jacket proofs(2)—black and white

Box 19
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     The Alligator in the Closet.  Honesdale, PA:  Boyds Mill Press, 2003.

   1. Poetry
a. “Tock Talk”—11 typed
b. “The Dustman”—2 typed, 3 handwritten
c. “My Bed”—3 typed
d. “Socks Without Partners”—6 typed
e. “The Thermostat Wars”—10 typed
f. “Keepers”—6 typed
g. “To the Victor”—4 typed
h. “Life’s Not Fair”—1 typed
i. “Family Heirlooms”—5 typed
j. “My Chair”—4 typed
k. “Bad Guys”—3 typed
l. “My Treasure”—2 typed, 1 handwritten
m. “Who Was That? I Don’t Know”—6 typed
n. “Rolling in Butter”—7 typed, 1 handwritten
o. “Death of a Wasp”—5 typed, 1 handwritten
p. “Exploring the Closet”—10 typed, 1 handwritten
q. “Under the Bed”—1 typed
. “Baby Spider”—1 typed
s. “The Gift”—1 typed
t. “In Search of Jelly”—3 typed
u. “The Last Glass”—7 typed
v. “Under the Kitchen Table”—4 typed
w. “The Things We Do For Money”—1 typed
x. “Yard Sale”—3 typed        
y. “The Chili Bowl Story”—9 typed
z. “Home”—3 typed, 1 handwritten
2. Table of Contents—House Poems
3. Typed manuscript—House Poems
4. Typed manuscript—List of topics
5. Poems with editor’s notes
6. Typed manuscript—House Poems
7. Galley—House Poems
8. Dummy book
9. Copy of sample illustrations by Jane Kendall
10. Correspondence
11. Proof with book jacket
12. Galley

     The Mouse Was Out At Recess.  Honesdale, PA: Wordsong, 2003

   1. Poetry
a. “The Bus”—5 typed
b. “Today We Wrote Letters”—3 typed
c. “My Essay on Birds”—5 handwritten
d. “Donny’s Picture”—2 typed
e. “The Mouse Was Out At Recess”—1 typed
f. “Mousey’s Out”—7 typed, 7 handwritten
g. “Bradley”—1 typed
h. “Jessica”—6 typed, 3 handwritten
i. “Listen to Me”—5 typed
j. “Mystery Lunch”—2 typed
k. “Be Fair”—1 typed
l. “They Call It Science”—3 typed
m. “In the Hall”—2 typed
n. “It’s Better If You Don’t Know”—2 typed
o. “A Matter of Opinion”—4 typed
p. “The Homerun King”—4 typed, 2 handwritten
q. “The Secret”—1 typed
r. “Have It Your Own Way”—6 typed, 2 handwritten
s. “Our Field Trip”—4 typed
t. “Teacher’s Eyes”—6 typed, 1 handwritten
u. “We’ll Be Back”—6 typed, 1 handwritten
2. Various titles for “The Next Book of School Poems” with poems
3. Typed manuscript with editor’s notes—“My Desk Is Haunted”
4. Typed manuscript—“I Hate My Desk”
5. Suggested titles
6. Poem ideas for “The Mouse Is Out At Recess”
7. Contents 9/8/00
8. Contents with notes
9. Typed manuscript with revisions—“The Mouse Is Out At Recess”
10. Typed manuscript—“The Mouse Is Out At Recess” 10/2/00
11. Typed manuscript—“The Mouse Is Out At Recess”
12. Handwritten notes
13. Correspondence
14. Dummy book
15. Proof

Box 20a
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Using the Power of Poetry to Teach Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and More.   New York: Scholastic, 2003.

    1.  Introduction—5 typed, 1 handwritten
    2. Chapter  1—3 typed, 1 handwritten
    3. Chapter 2—various typed sections
    4. Chapter 3—1 typed, 1 mini lesson
    5. Chapter 4—1 typed, poetry
    6. Chapter 5—2 typed
    7. Chapter 6—1 typed, second copy of Rain Forest Rhapsody
    8. Chapter 7—1 typed copy of Sunny Poetry, misc. pages
    9. Working Outline
   10. A Proposal
   11. Table of Content Ideas and Possible Mini-Lessons
   12. Poetry Mini-Lessons Ideas
   13. Table of Contents or Possible Topics to Include in the Poetry Book
   14. Correspondence
   15. Book Review

Box 20b
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Using the Power of Poetry to Teach Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and More (con’t)

   16. Typed manuscript with revisions
   17. Typed manuscript of chapters with correspondence and notes
   18. Galleys

Box 20c
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Using the Power of Poetry to Teach Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and More (con’t)

   19. Galleys with color copy of cover
   20. Poetry
a. “The Amazon”—9 typed
b. “Crossing Paths”—5 typed
c. “High Country”—8 typed
d. “I Am the Sun”—7 typed
e. “The Man on the Moon”—1 typed
f. “Math Advice”—3 typed
g. “Night Storms”—4 typed
h. “Night Thoughts”—19 typed, 1 handwritten
i. “Sloths”—8 typed, 2 handwritten
j. “Sun Games”—6 typed, 1 handwritten
k. “We Wander”—1 typed
21. Student poems
22. Correspondence

Box 21a
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”
Writing Stories:  Fantastic Fiction from Start to Finish
.  New York: Scholastic, 2004.

    1. Outline
    2. Outline with comments by author
    3. Headings/Topics and Brief Description
    4. Black and White Copy of Cover
    5. Annotated Contents (Partial Draft 6/24/03)
    6. Talking Points (Partial Draft 6/24/03)
    7. Working Table of Contents
    8. Reference Bibliography and Comments by Page
    9. Twenty-five Important Secrets for Writers
  10. Five Important Terms Found in the Book
  11. “Who Is Telling the Story?”—2 copies
  12. Steps in the Writing Process
  13. Typed Manuscript—“The Writing Process”—2 copies
  14. Miscellaneous manuscript pages
  15.  Introduction (4 copies)
  16.  Typed manuscript with revisions—Chapter 1  “Getting Started” (18 copies and misc. pages)
  17. Typed manuscript with revisions—Chapter 2 “Elements of a Story” (5 copies and misc. pages)
  18. Typed manuscript with revisions—Chapter 3 “Ending Your Story” (2 copies)
  19. Typed manuscript with revisions—Chapter 4 “The Special Needs of Genres” (2 copies)
  20. Typed manuscript with revisions—Chapter 5  “Revising the First Draft” (2 copies)
  21. Typed manuscript with revisions—Chapter 6 “Rewriting”
  22. Typed manuscript with revisions—Chapter 7 “Becoming a Writer”

Box 21b
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Writing Stories:  Fantastic Fiction from Start to Finish (con’t)

  23. Correspondence
  24. Typed manuscript with revisions
  25. Typed manuscript with revisions 7/18/03
  26. Typed manuscript with revisions 7/26/03
  27. Typed manuscript with revisions with bibliography
  28. Proof—10 /16/03
  29. Proof –11 /17/03

Box 22
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Connecting Dots. Honesdale, PA:  Wordsong, 2004.

    1. Summary and projections—typed and handwritten
    2. Introduction
    3. Handwritten notes
   4. Section introductions
    5. Outline
    6. Poetry
a. Section 1
 1) “Jigs”—20 typed
2) “Mountain Lion”—10 typed
3) “Goodbye Picture”—15 typed
4) “End of the Walk”—6 typed
5) “Away from Camp”—14 typed
6) “Welcome to Missouri”—5 typed
7) “Looking Away”—3 typed
8) “Jarrett Junior High School”—15 typed, 1 handwritten
9) “Price of Admission”—10 typed
10) “Hoop Lesson”—12 typed
11) “Mysterious Birds”—1 typed
12) “Paul”—12 typed
13) “No Way But Up”—17 typed
14) “Some Things You Don’t See Coming”—5 typed
15) “Mr. Smooth”—2 typed
16) “The Quiet Ones”—5 typed
7). “Hey”—1 typed
b. Section 2
1)  “How Do You Figure”—12 typed
2)  “Don”—6 typed
3)  “From the Back Row”—7 typed
4)  “On the Tennis Court Under the Stars”—1 typed
5)  “Ticket Money”—7 typed, 1 handwritten
6)  “Anatomy Lesson”—10 typed
7)  “Watching Geese”—4 typed
8)  “The Lesson”—8 typed
9)  “The Naturalist”—1 typed
10)  “Kryptonite Blues”—7 typed, 1 handwritten
11)  “Meeting Jule”—8 typed
12)  “Conspirators”—9 typed
13)  “I Think I Need a Manual”—9 typed, 2 handwritten
14)  “Grapevine”—6 typed
15)  “The News”—7 typed
16)  “Puppy Love”—3 typed
17)  “Teammates”—2 typed
18)  “Looking for Strike Three—1 typed
19)  “When Words Fail”—2 typed
20)  “The Volunteer”—1 typed
c.  Section 3
1)  “Revising”—4 typed
2)  “Getting It Right”—6 typed
3)  “Goodbyes”—3 typed
4)  “Waiting for Robin”—10 typed
5)  “Song of the Swing Set”—6typed
6)  “A Matter of Timing”—4 typed
7)  “Little Gray Wolf”—11 typed
8)  “The Co-ed Issue at Camp Little Hatchet”—2 typed
9)  “Daydreams”—5 typed
10) “Things We Prize”—8 typed
11) “Travel Companions”—4 typed
12) “Today’s Poem”—3 typed
13) “Guilt”—15 typed
14) “When Kristopher and Tyler Come Calling”—6 typed
15) “Night Songs”—8 typed
16) “Wishing You Bright Paint”—8 typed
   7. Poetry not used in book
   8. Sketches of Illustrations
   9. Proof

Box 23
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Earthquakes:  Earth’s Mightiest Moments.  Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mill Press, 2004.

   1. Typed manuscript with revisions—1st draft
   2. Typed manuscript with revisions—2nd draft
   3. Typed manuscript with revisions—3rd draft
   4. Typed manuscript with revisions—4th draft
   5. Typed manuscript with revisions—5th draft (2 copies)
   6. Typed manuscript with revisions—6th draft (2 copies)
   7. Typed manuscript with revisions—Final draft (2 copies)
   8. Outline
   9. Correspondence
 10. Dummy Book
 11. Proof—black and white

     Miss Grubb, Super Sub.  New York: Random House, 2005.

  1. Handwritten dialogue
  2. Introduction
  3. Typed manuscript with revisions—“The Substitute at Cool School” pp.1-2
  4. Typed manuscript with revisions—“The Substitute at Cool School” pp. 1-3
  5. Typed manuscript with revisions—“The Substitute at Cool School” pp. 1-3
  6. Typed manuscript with revisions—“The Substitute at Cool School”  pp. 1-4
  7. Typed manuscript with revisions—“Miss Grubb, The Cool School Sub”  pp. 1-7
  8. Typed manuscript with revisions—“Miss Grubb, The Cool School Sub” pp. 1-10
  9. Typed manuscript with revisions—“Miss Grubb, The Cool School Sub”  pp.1-12
10. Typed manuscript—“Miss Grubb, the Super Sub” pp. 1-18
11. Miscellaneous pages

Mountains: The Tops of the World.  Honesdale, PA:  Boyds Mill Press, 2005.

  1. Typed manuscript with revisions—Versions 1-2
  2. Author’s Notes (3 copies)