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David L. Harrison Papers: Papers 4

David L. Harrison Papers 4

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David L. Harrison Papers 4                 David Harrison photo

Collection Inventory

Box 9
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     The Snoring Monster.  Racine, WI:  Western Publishing, 1985.

   1. Typed manuscript-version 1
   2. Copy of typed manuscript with revisions—version 2
   3. Typed manuscript with revisions—version 3
   4. Typed manuscript with revisions—version 4
   5. Typed manuscript—final version
   6. Correspondence

     Busy Machines. New York: Golden Press, 1985.

   1. Handwritten notes
   2. Typed manuscript
   3. Copy of typed manuscript
   4. Copy of two illustrations from book
   5. Enlarged copy of text
   6. Correspondence

     Wake Up, Sun.  New York: Random House, 1986.

   1. Handwritten manuscript—Original draft
   2. Typed manuscript with revisions—2nd draft
   3. Typed manuscript—3rd draft
   4. Typed manuscript with revisions—4th draft
   5. Typed manuscript—5th draft
   6. Typed manuscript—Final draft
   7. Typed manuscript
   8. Correspondence
   9. Proof of book cover
 10. Promotional poster

     Little Boy Soup. Leicestershire, England: Lady Bird Books, 1989.

  1. Correspondence

Box 10
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Somebody Catch My Homework.  Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mill Press, 1993.

  1.  Poetry

a. “Ten Minutes Till the Bus”—1 typed, 3 handwritten copies
b. “Show and Tell”—2 handwritten copies
c. “My Advice”—2 handwritten copies
d. “Cursive Writing”—2 handwritten copies
e. “Cycles”—1 typed copy
f. “The Test”—1 typed, 7 handwritten copies
g. “Why the President Is the President”—1 handwritten copy
h. “My Book”—4 typed, 3 handwritten copies
 i. “Last Night”—4 typed, 1 handwritten copies

   2. Page layout sheets with notes
   3. Book reviews
   4. Boyds Press Promotional Flyer
   5. Copy of Instructor article—“No More Boring Poems”
   6 .Samples of artwork by Ron LeHein
   7. Notes
   8. Correspondence
   9. One Act Play by Sandy Asher—“Somebody Catch My Homework”

a. Promotional brochures
b. Program
c. Typed manuscript
d. Copies of poems
e. Correspondence

     The Boy Who Counted Stars.  Honesdale, PA: Wordsong, 1994.

   1. Poetry

a. “The Trouble With My House”—1 handwritten copy
b. “Sally”—1 handwritten copy
c. “How Willy Grew”—1 handwritten copy
d. “They”—1 typed copy
e. “The Perfect Diet”—7 handwritten copies
f. “Somebody Call the Doctor”—2 typed, three handwritten copies
g. “Weeds”—3 typed, 4 handwritten copies
h. “What I’d Like to Be”—6 handwritten copies
 i. “The Argument”—1 typed copy
 j. “Bedtime”—1 typed, 2 handwritten copies

   2. Correspondence
   3. Copy of “Where Children Go”
   4. Typed manuscript

     When Cows Come Home.  Honesdale, PA:  Boyds Mill Press, 1994.

   1. Typed manuscript
   2. Typed manuscript with revisions
   3. Typed manuscript
   4. Typed manuscript
   5. Handwritten notes
   6. Newspaper clippings
   7. Correspondence

     A Thousand Cousins.  Honesdale, PA:  Wordsong, 1996.

   1. Poetry

a. “Who Ate the Last Five Cookies”—2 handwritten copies
b. “The Difference”—1 handwritten copy
c. “Mama”—4 typed, 1 handwritten copies
d. “Practice”—9 handwritten copies
e. “What Makes It All Worthwhile”—1 typed, 4 handwritten copies
f. “Buddies”—5 handwritten copies
g. “Our Little Brother”—1 typed, 1 handwritten copies
h. “You Can’t Have Too Many”—1 typed, 5 handwritten copies

   2. Correspondence
   3. Typed manuscript
   4. Promotional brochure
   5. Sketches by Betsy Lewin
   6. Galley proof
   7. Photos

Box 11a
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

      Our Good Community: A Book of Hope.  Springfield, MO: Writers’ Hall of Fame, 1997.

   1. Outlines and rough drafts
   2. Second drafts
   3. Edited copies—read by reading editor
   4. Proof copies after general editing—Chapters 1-10

Box 11b
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Our Good Community: A Book of Hope (con’t)

   5. Copies proofed for final typing—Chapters 1-10
   6. Copies of chapter Introduction, 2-4, 7-8
   7. Copy of final version 9/10/97
   8. Final version
   9. Proof
 10. Correspondence
 11. Miscellaneous

Box 11c
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Our Good Community: A Book of Hope (con’t)

 12.  Student work

a. Work Ethic
b. Gratitude
c. Honesty
d. How Kids Can Help
e. Conservation
f. Writers’ Hall of Fame
g. Equality
h. Best Community
i. Community Pride
j. Love
k. Citizenship
l. Responsibility
m. Kindness

Box 12
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     The Animals’ Song:  Honesdale, PA:  Boyds Mill Press, 1997.

   1. Typed manuscript
   2. Copy of text
   3. Proof of book jacket
   4. Dummy book
   5. Invoice for books
   6. Photos
   7. Correspondence

     The Purchase of Small Secrets.  Honesdale, PA: Wordsong, 1998.

    1. Proposed Table of Contents with editor’s notes
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Typed manuscript with correspondence
    4. Copy-edited manuscript
    5. Typed manuscript
    6. Galleys
    7. Proof
    8. Handwritten notes
    9. Correspondence
  10. Poetry

 a. “Whistling in the Spring”—4 typed, 3 handwritten copies
 b. “Talking in the Woods in Spring”—2 typed, 2 handwritten
 c. “Initiation”—4 typed, 1 handwritten copies
 d. “A Hole in the Ground”—2 typed copies 
 e. “Old Man McGrew”—7 typed, 1 handwritten copy
 f.  “The Reward”—2 typed copies
 g. “Handling Lessons”—3 typed, 2 handwritten copies
 h. “The Crossing”—11 typed, 3 handwritten copies
 i.  “Eloise”—5 typed copies
 j.  “The Price of Honor”—4 typed copies
 k. “Leaving Corky”—4 typed, 1 handwritten copy
 l.  “Clucking Away the Day”—4 typed, 1 handwritten copy
m. “Buckeye Lucky”—3 typed, 3 handwritten copies
 n. “Treed”—3 typed copies
 o. “Treasure Hunt”—1 handwritten copy
 p. “Cow Pie Jewels”—4 typed copies
 q. “Meeting on a Gravel Bar”—1 typed copy
 r.  “Looking Down Instead of Up”—2 typed copies
 s. “Looking Up Instead of Down”—3 typed, 1 handwritten copy
 t.  “Today I Had To”—3 typed, 1 handwritten copy
 u. “Whose Tree This Is”—3 typed copies
 v.  “Plate Talk”—1 typed, 1 handwritten copy
 w. “Market Bound”—2 typed copies
 x. “The Quality of Darkness”—8 typed copies
 y. “Journal Entry”—5 typed copies
 z. “A Chip of Flint”—3 typed copies
aa. “Confidence”—1 typed copy
bb. “Beginner’s Luck”—17 typed copies
cc. “Homegrown”—3 typed, 4 handwritten copies
dd. “A Question of Control”—1 typed copy
ee. “The Fisherman”—1 typed, 1 handwritten copy
 ff.  “Bright Eyed Good-byes”—1 typed copy
gg. “Footprints”—5 typed, 1 handwritten copy
hh. “The Purchase of Small Secrets”—4 typed, 2 handwritten copies