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David L. Harrison Papers: Papers 2

David L. Harrison Papers 2

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David L. Harrison Papers 2            David Harrison photo

Collection Inventory

Box 4
15.25” x 12.75” x 3

     Children Everywhere.  Chicago:  Rand McNally, 1973.
Working Titles:  The World of Children
Children Around the World
   Around the World with Boys and Girls

  1. Handwritten notes
  2. Brief description
  3. Typed manuscript
  4. Manuscript pages with revisions
  5. Illustration suggestions
  6. Illustration bibliography
  7. Question codes from outline of cultural materials ( typed and handwritten)
  8. Page layout guide
  9. Galleys
10. Correspondence

     Let’s Go Trucks! Racine, WI: Golden Press, 1973.

  1. Typed manuscript
  2. Correspondence

     The Huffin Puff Express.  Racine, WI: Western Publishing, 1974.
Working title:  The Sleepy Time Express

  1. Typed manuscript
  2. Correspondence

     Woodsy Owl and the Trail Bikers.  Racine, WI: Golden Press, 1974

  1. News clippings with notes
  2. Story outline #1
  3. Story outline #2
  4. Story outline—typed
  5. Typed manuscript
  6. Correspondence

 Box 5

15.25” x 12.75” x 3

     The Love Bug—Herbie’s Special Friend.  Racine, WI: Golden Press, 1974.

  1. Outline for Herbie story—1st Draft
  2. Outline for Herbie story—2nd Draft
  3. Typed manuscript—1st draft
  4. Typed manuscript—2nd draft
  5. Typed manuscript—3rd draft
  6. Correspondence

     Monster, Monster.  Racine, WI: Golden Press, 1975.

  1. Typed manuscript
  2. Correspondence

     The Busy Body Book. Racine, WI: Whitman Publishing, 1975.

  1. Typed manuscript with revisions
  2. Correspondence

     Land of the Lost: Surprise Guests.  Racine, WI: Western Publishing, 1975.

  1. Typed manuscript
  2. Copy of typed manuscript
  3. Adventure series character sketches
  4. Adventure series episode summaries
  5. Correspondence