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William Anderson Papers: Papers 4

William Anderson Papers 4

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William Anderson Papers 4           W

Collection Inventory

Box 9
17.5” x 11.5” x 3.75”


          1De Smet, South Dakota
               a.  Booklet, “Beginnings of De Smet” by Aubrey Sherwood, 1979, autographed by Aubrey to Anderson, 1982
               b.  Booklet, “Heritages of De Smet, South Dakota” by Aubrey H. Sherwood, 1984
               c.  Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant, De Smet, South Dakota, 1984
               d.  Pamphlet, “Marguerite de Angeli Centennial Celebration”, 1989
               e.  Newsletter, “Laura Ingalls Wilder Lore”, V. 18, No. 2, De Smet, South Dakota. Fall/Winter 1992
          2.  Newspaper Clippings
               a.  “Little House on the Prairie Truly Exists”, The Flint Journal, Flint, Michigan, from Section B, Family. July 3,    1976
               b.  Two articles: “De Smet Remembers "Long Winter" & “Landon Pursues The Ingalls’s Spirit” from the Argus-Leader, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, from Section                         1C. June 23, 1978
               c.  “Wilder Lives and Writings Chronicled”, Huron Daily Plainsman, from Local/Area/State section. February 12, 1989
               d.  Photo, “Authors Sign Wilder Books”, The Mansfield Mirror, Mansfield, Missouri. July 5, 1990
               e.  “Laura Ingalls Wilder Authors to Appear at Pepin Historical Museum”, The Courier-Wedge, No. 40, Durand, Wisconsin.  July 5, 1990
                f.  Two articles: “Readers Take a Walk on the Wilder Side” & “Many Areas Lay Claim to Wilder Family History”, Post-Bulletin, Rochester, Minnesota, from the                            Leisure Section 1C. July 14, 1990
               g.  Illustrator, Authors Draw Large Crowds”, The De Smet News, De Smet, South  Dakota. July 18, 1990
               h.  “He’s Wild About Wilder”, reference note. The Oakland Press, February 5, 1991
                i.  “Add Another Story to the ‘Little House’”, The Oakland Press Panorama, from Section D. February 5, 1991
                j.  “Home of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Author Becomes National Landmark”, The Lebanon Daily Record. October 19, 1992
               k.  Two articles: “Wilder Home Designated Landmark” & “Plans to Erect Statue of Laura in City Park are Underway”, The  Mansfield Mirror, Mansfield, Missouri.                       October 22, 1992
                l.  “Laura Ingalls Wilder: Her Little Houses Have a Home With Homeschoolers,” The Homeschool Magazine, Summer 2004
          3.   Publications
                a.  Article—“Laura Ingalls Wilder”—www.The Homeschool
                b.  Publications credits
                c.   Annual Tidings—Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland
                d.  Harper Collins—William Anderson Book Collection
                e.  Booklet: The Rarest Kind of Best: a Selective Guide to Children’s Literature, by Agnes Perkins, 1978, autographed by William Anderson
                 f.  Children’s Books to Own, pamphlet (2 copies), Detroit Public Library, 1986
          4.   Posters
                a.  Poster: “Laura Ingalls Wilder: Fact and Fiction”, A slide/talk show by Anderson, State Library Pierre, South Dakota,  August 8, 1985
                b.  Poster: Marguerite de Angeli Centennial Celebration 1889-1989, Marguerite de Angeli Branch Library, Lapeer, Michigan. March 12, 1989 (3 copies)
                c.  Poster: Garth Williams Visits the Marguerite de Angeli Library, Lapeer, Michigan. April 29, 1989
                d.  Poster for Anderson’s talk: “What Happened Next in the Little House Series”
          5.  Flyers
               a.  Information card, “Laura Ingalls Wilder: The Iowa Story”
               b.  Postcard, “Garth Williams Day – October 12, 1991”
               c.  2 bookmarks, “A Biography Laura Ingalls Wilder” by William Anderson, 1992
               d.  Flyer for “National Children’s Book Week”, Detroit, Michigan. November 10, 1990
               e.  Flyer for “Children’s Book Week”, Milford, Michigan. November 16-22
                f.  Flyer for book announcements, Borders Book Shop, Novi, Michigan. February 1993
               g.  Flyer for Cultural Activities at Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, Michigan. “Writing Books for Children: Growing up in Different Times and                                       Different Places” a talk by William Anderson, Thursday February 27, 2003
               h.  Flyer for “The William Anderson Book Collection”
                i.  Flyer for “Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland 2006-07 Annual Tidings”
                j.  Flyer for William T. Anderson Publication Credits”
         6.   Letters from CMSU Festival Authors:
               a.   Ann Tompert: 13 items
               b.   Dana: 2 items
               c.   Pat: 2 items
               d.   Others: 7 items
          7.  Photos  
               a.  Students
               b.  William Anderson and Renae Graef
               c.  Alane Ferguson, William Anderson, and Gloria Skurzynski
               d.  Anderson with Mumiko Tanguichi in Tokyo, Japan
               e.  Children’s Literature Festival (2)
                f.  Naomi Williamson and Joan Arth at David Small’s studio
          8.  Folder: Thank you letters from Schickler Elementary School, 3rd Graders:
               a.  May 26, 1994: 26 items
               b.  May 31, 1994: 24 items
               c.  Other correspondence
          9.  “Read” Posters
               a.  Anderson reading Huckleberry Finn (18 ⅜” X 12 ¼”)
               b.  Anderson reading River Boy (18 ¼” X 15”)
               c.  Anderson reading M is for Mount Rushmore (18 ¼” X 15”)