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William Anderson Papers: Papers 1

William Anderson Papers 1

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William Anderson Papers 1      William Anderson

Collection Inventory

Box 1
17.5” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Michigan’s Marguerite deAngeli: The Story of Lapeer’s Native Author – Illustrator.  Lapeer, Michigan: Marguerite deAngeli Library, 1987.
1. Copy of book autographed in April 1989

     The Walnut Grove Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Walnut Grove, MN: Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, 1987.
1. Book cover--11" x 12 1/2"--"Finished rough of The Walnut Grove Story" with tissue overlay; signed by Sylvia Hunnewell and dated 1993--Media: Pencil/Ink/Colored                 Pencil
 2. Book cover--11" x 11 1/2" (with foam board back 12 1/4" X 14"--"4 color-separated cover art for The Walnut Grove Story"--Media: Ink        
3. Book cover for the Walnut Grove Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder--Media: Proof

     Laura Ingalls Wilder: The Iowa Story.  Burr Oak, IA: Laura Ingalls Wilder Park and Museum, 1990.
Working Title: Little Hotel in Burr Oak

          1. Book cover-- 8 1/2" x 10 5/8" (with foam board back 10" x 12 1/2")--Three color separations for Little Hotel in Burr Oak, cover by Sylvia Hunnewell--Media: Ink
Book cover--7 5/8" x 10 5/8"--Finished rough--Media: Ink/watercolor
Receipt for artwork by Sylvia Hunnewell

     Musical Memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Vancouver,Washington:  Hear and Learn Publications, 1992.

          1. Text portion for Anderson’s proof reading
          2. Songs from Little House Country in early proof stage
          3. Songs from Little House Country, next to final draft with suggested pictures
          4. Galleys
          5. Announcement sheet (2 copies)
          6. Correspondence
          7. Copy of book
          8. Cassette tape

Box 2
17.5” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Laura Ingalls Wilder Country.   New York, NY: Harper Perennial, 1995.  

Original manuscript for English version of Japanese Photo Book, 1990

     The World of Louisa May Alcott.  New York: Harper Trade, 1995

Photocopy of manuscript, incomplete

Box 3
17.5” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     The Little House Guidebook.   New York: HarperTrophy, 1996.

Second proofs, autographed in 1996
Newsletter: “Laura Ingalls Wilder Lore”, De Smet, South Dakota,volume 21, number 2, Fall-Winter 1995-1996
Newsletter: “Rocky Ridge Review”, Winter 1996, Mansfield,Missouri
Manuscript for Little House Guidebook, 1996

     The Making of Little House on the Prairie: a 65th Anniversary Retrospective, December 22, 1998.

Page proofs
Afterword in Deluxe Anniversary Edition of The Little House on the Prairie 11/98

     Laura’s Album A Remembrance Scrapbook of Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1998.

           1. Proofs, missing pages: 2,3,32,33,51,65,68,69,79
Book proposal

Box 4
17.5” x 11.5” x 3.75” 

     River Boy: the Story of Mark Twain.  New York: Harper Collins Publishers, 2003

Manuscript rewrite 2002
Edited manuscript rewrite with correspondence, 2002
Proof, printed color pages, 3-25-02
Book review
Two flyers for River Boy: the Story of Mark Twain, and other books, HarperCollins Children’s Books
Letters from editors about Dan Andreasen’s tight sketches
(a). Lapeer County Press—“His Lessons are by the Book” ( 3/5/03) and photocopy of the newspaper article
 (b). Flint Journal—“Author/Teacher a Man of Words” (6/16/03)
9.  Proof—signed by author
10.  Typed manuscript—Draft 2
11.   Proof (Cover, pages 4-6, 8-9, 12, 15, 18-23, 26-29, 34-37)
12.   Proof of book jacket

Box 5
17.5” x 11.5” x 3.75"

     Prairie Girl: the Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2004.Second edited version

1. Correspondence from editor
2. Typed draft, short manuscript (Titled: Laura Ingalls Wilder Biography)
3. Edited typed manuscript (Tentative title: Laura Ingalls Wilder: Pioneer Author)
4. Photocopy of the copy-edited manuscript
5. Galley
6. Proof                                                                                                                                                                    

The Story of Louisa May Alcott. 2004.

         1. Summary sheets
         2. Edited version
         3. Second edited version