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Peer-Review and Primary Research

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar is a good resource for finding scholarly sources online but if it doesn't know that you have rights to access online articles and other sources from a library, it might send you to a page which asks you to pay for the article you want.

With a few adjustments to your preferences, you can tell Google Scholar to point you to the resources that the library provides for the UCM community.

Before you get started, change your "Settings" so that Google Scholar knows you are affiliated with University of Central Missouri (UCM) when working off-campus.

Follow these steps to add UCM to your Google Scholar preferences:

1. Go to

2. Click "Settings" in the left menu bar


3. Click "Library links" on the left side of the screen:

4. In the search box, type University of Central Missouri 

5. Check the boxes that appear

6. Click "Save"