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Systematic Reviews

Finding and Evaluating Existing Systematic Reviews

Below is an example of a list of external databases and databases the library subscribes to that can be searched for systematic reviews. The list includes some examples of databases where systematic reviews can be searched that cover medicine and healthcare. For other disciplines, if you are not sure, contact the librarian.

Evaluating Systematic Reviews


General tips for evaluating systematic reviews:

    -  Is the question clearly stated?

    -  Does it outline search criteria? (e.g. databases searched, search strategies used)

     - Does the study explain inclusion and exclusion criteria (e.g. studies identified through searches, studies excluded)?

       This explains selection bias.

     - Were the characteristics of all the studies outlined (ranges of characteristics: age, sex, race etc.)?

     - Is the conclusion the authors made supported by the data in the review?

Use this rating tool to evaluate the quality of systematic reviews (