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Ann Tompert Papers: Papers 1

Ann Tompert Papers

Ann Tompert Papers 1               

Collection Inventory

Box 1    
17.25” X 11.5” X 3.75”

     What Makes My Cat Purr.  Racine, WI: Western Publishing, 1963.

          1.  Typed manuscript with author note

     Big Whistle.  Racine, WI:  Western Publishing, 1968.

  1.  Typed manuscript—1st draft
2.  Typed manuscript—2nd draft

     Maybe a Dog Will Come.  Chicago: Follett Publishing, 1968.

  1.   Typed manuscript

Box 2
17.25” X 11.5” X 3.75

     Horse for Charlie. Racine, WI:  Western Publishing, 1970.

  1.  Typed manuscript

     Fun for Ozzie.  Austin, TX:  Steck-Vaughn Co. 1971.
Working Title: Fun for Oscar

  1.  Typed manuscript
2.  Folder with possible names
3.  Galley—3/25/71
4.  Proof—7/22/71

     Crow, the Kite and the Golden Umbrella.  New York: Abeland-Schuman, 1971.

  1.  Typed manuscript
2.  Galley—Marked Set
3.  Galley—Author’s Set

Box 3
17.25” X 11.5” X 3.75”

     Hyacinth, the Reluctant Duck.  Austin, TX: Steck-Vaughn Co., 1972.

  1.  Typed manuscript—1st draft
2.  Typed manuscript—2nd draft
3.  Typed manuscript—3rd draft

     It May Come In Handy Someday.  New York: McGraw Hill, 1975.

  1.  Typed manuscript
2.  Galley—Partial set
3.  Galley—Complete set
4.  Book dummy
5.  Proof

     Little Fox Goes to the End of the World.  New York; Crown Publishers, 1976.

  1.  Notes
2.  Typed manuscript with revisions
3.  Proof
4.  Proof sheet
5.  Filmstrip with cassette
6.  Slide of book cover
7.  Request to broadcast

     Little Otter Remembers, and Other Stories.  New York: Crown Publishers, 1977.

  1.  Typed manuscript—1st draft
2.  Typed manuscript with revisions—1st draft
3.  Typed manuscript—2nd draft
4.  Book jacket
5.  Uncut proof page
6.  Proof
7.  Slides
a.  Set 1-20
b.  Set of 11