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Ann Tompert Papers: Papers 7

Ann Tompert Papers


Ann Tompert Papers 7            

Collection Inventory

Box 20
17.25” X 11.5” X 3.75”

     Siena Heights University Materials

          1.  College Alumni Association Outstanding Alumni Award with article—March 20, 1997
2.  University Commencement Program—May 4, 2003
3.  University Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree—May 4, 2003
4.  Hood
5.  Glass Plaque—5” X 4”—Sienna Heights College

               Anna Bakeman Tompert ‘38
               Outstanding Alumni Award
March 20, 1997

Box 21
15.25” X 11.25” X 3”


          1.  Letters from college friend, Mary Paran—1973-1992
2.  Letters—1985-2005
3.  Cards
4.  Postcards

Box 22
15.25” X 11.25” X 3”


          1.  Young Reader Medal for Little Fox Goes to the end of the World
2.  Nominated for California Young Reader Medal 1979-80
a.  Correspondence
b.  List of Nominees
          3.  IRA Promotion of Literacy Certificate—3/22/90
          4.  1990 Notable Trade Books for Language Arts (K-8)—Grandfather Tang’s Story—Copy Language Arts
5.  Notable 1990 Children’s Trade Books in the Field of Social Studies—Grandfather Tang’s Story—Copy from Social Education April/May  1991
 6.  Excellent Author Award—“Once Upon a Time”—10/21/91
7.  CRRT Certificate—5/9/91
8.  Nebraska Golden Sower Award—Grandfather Tang’s Story—6/20/91 with correspondence
9.  Florida Reading Association Children’s Book Award Nominee—Grandfather Tang’s Story—1992-93 with correspondence
10.  Alpha Delta Kappa Writing Award—10/27/93
11.  CRRT Membership Service Award—4/14/94
12.  Bank Street College 1994—Bamboo Hats and Rice Cakes—with correspondence
13.  1994 SCBWI Michigan Memorial Fund
14.  Books of 1993 Children’s Reading Round Table of Chicago—5/12/94
         15.  Department of Elementary Schools of the National Catholic Educational Association 1995 Distinguished Graduate Award—  1/29/95
16.Glass paperweight—5” X 7”--Women of Distinction
Girl Scouts--Michigan Waterways Council, Inc.
Ann Tompert
         17. Glass Paperweight—3 “ diameter—Ann
January 11, 1918


          1.  Newspaper article—“Children’s Books Come Alive in Museum Exhibit
2.  Name tag
 3.  Cassette tape of program on Emily Ward for St. Clair Historical Association—12/2/77
4.  Copy of book to celebrate Bicentennial called Way Things Were: An Autobiography of Emily Ward
5.  When the Lighthouse Fell”—Typed manuscript and correspondence
6.  Sampling of rejection letters
7.  Little Acorns”--Typed manuscript by Anna May Bakeman, Feb. 1, 1938
8.  The Happiest Dolls”—Typed manuscript as part of a course in Children’s Literature
9.  Photos
         10. The Box--A little book that was written by Ann Tompert at age 96--12/14
Rufus and Bentley—A story by A. Ward and Ann Tompert--2015

Box 23
17.25” X 11.5” X 3.75”

     Talking Puzzle and Story Book Accessory Pack

     Talking Puzzle Master Unit

Box 24
17.25” X 11.5” X 3.75”

     Unpublished works

          1.   All Saints—St. Martin
a.    Booklet—All Saints Catholic Church—Manassas, VA.—Dedication Weekend
                b.    Booklet—Campaign Donors to new All Saints’ Church
                c.    Photos
                d.    Correspondence

         2.   Bator Finds a Way
a.     Typed manuscript

         3.   Bator’s Way
a.    Typed manuscript

         4.   Bitsy Hen’s Perfect Nest
a.    Typed manuscript—2 copies
                b.    Dummy Book
                c.    Correspondence

         5.    The Clever Vizier
a.    Typed manuscript—pp. 1-8--early draft
                b.    Typed manuscript with revisions—pp. 1-8
                c.    Typed manuscript with revisions—pp. 1-7
                d.    Typed manuscript--pp. 1-8—final draft
                e.    Correspondence

         6.    How Brave Mouse Touched the Sky
Working Title: Touching the Sky
                 a.    Typed manuscript—pp. 1-4
                 b.    Typed manuscript—pp. 1-4
                 c.    Typed manuscript—pp. 1-5
                 d.    Typed manuscript—pp. 2-5
                 e.    Correspondence
                 f.    Miscellaneous manuscript pages

         7.    It Happened on Sugar Isle
a.    Typed manuscript—pp. 1-71—with post it note comments
                 b.    Typed manuscript—pp. 1-71

         8.    Legends of Saints and Beast
a.    Typed manuscript—1-36

         9.    Mamiko Celebrates Children’s Day
a.    Typed manuscript with revisions
                 b.    Research materials

        10.  Mouse’s Wedding
a.    Typed manuscript with revisions—pp. 1-8
                b.    Correspondence

         11.  Polly ‘Possum’s Adventure
Working Title:  Polly ‘Possum’s First Adventure
a.    Typed manuscript with revisions
                 b.    Dummy book –Polly ‘Possums First Adventure
c.    Dummy book—3 copies
                 d.    Photos of Polly ‘Possum

          12.  Rabbit Goes Trading
a.    Typed manuscript with revisions—pp. 1-6--early draft
                 b.    Typed manuscript—pp. 1-6

         13. Raven and Fog Woman
      a.    Typed manuscript with revisions
                b.    Typed manuscript—pp 1-9—4 copies
                c.    Typed manuscript with revisions, author’s notes , and bibliography
                d.    Correspondence
                e.    Photos
                 f.     Research Materials

          14.  Rosa’s Worry Doll
a.    Typed manuscript—early draft
                 b.    Typed manuscript with revision
                 c.    Catalog page for Worry Doll

          15.  Saint Brigid of Ireland
a.    Typed manuscript with author’s notes—pp. 1-6

          16.  Sorcerer’s Duel
a.    Typed manuscript with Hieroglyphic Key—pp. 1-9

          17.  Steadfast Farmer
a.    Typed manuscript—pp. 1-6—2 copies
                  b.    Typed manuscript—pp. 1-11
                  c.    Notes
                  d.    Correspondence with editors
                  e.    Correspondence with Mary Azarian

 Box 25
 17.25” X 11.5” X 3.75”

         18.    What Now, Hadrian?
a.    Typed manuscript with revisions labeled “Copy”—pp. 1-155
                  b.    Typed manuscript—pp. 1-164
                  c.    Typed manuscript—pp. 1-166
                  d.    Typed manuscript—pp. 1-164
                  e.    Correspondence

         19.    Who Wants to Be a Cocklebur?
a.    Typed manuscript with revisions—pp. 1-38—early draft
                   b.    Typed manuscript—pp. 1-43