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David Melton Papers: Miscellaneous

David Melton Papers


David Melton Miscellaneous                  

Collection Inventory

Drawer 36
32” X 43.25” X 2”

     Miscellaneous Artwork

    1.  Father and daughter reading—11” X 14”—Media: Pencil
 2.  Mother and son playing with rings—11” X 14”--Media: Pencil
3.  Two boys playing—11” X 14”—Media: Pencil
4.  Children hanging artwork—11” X 14”—Media: Pencil
5.  Boy playing with ball—11” X 14”—Media: Pencil
6.  Boy playing with toy—11” X 14”—Media: Pencil
7.  Mother and child reading—11” X 14”—Media: Pencil
8.  Two children boy and girl—11” X 14”—Media: Pencil
 9.  Two children boy and girl—11” X 14”—Media: Pencil
10.  Asian child playing violin—11” X 14”—Media: Pencil
  11.  Two children with cold weather clothing—11” X 14”—Media: Pencil
12.  Parents and child in pool—11” X 14”—Media: Pencil
13.  Girl on beach with seashell—11” X 14”—Media: Pencil
 14.  Boy in water—11” X 14”—Media: Pencil
15.  Mother and child in snow—11” X 14”—Media: Pencil|
16.  Locomotive with red background—20” X 13”—Media:Ink
17.  Mother kissing child with green background—23” X 29”—Media: Pencil/Ink
 18.  Mother and son reading in chair in library—23” X 29”—Media: Pencil/Ink
19.  Mother holding child with orange and yellow background—23” X 29”—Media: Pencil/Ink
20.  Mother embracing son with blue and gray background—22” X 24”—Media: Pencil/Ink
21.  Mother and daughter sitting and playing in chair with brown background—23’ X 29”—Media: Ink
 22.  Mother breast feeding baby—30” X 24”—Media: Ink
 23.  Mother and baby face to face laughing—23” X 20”—Media: Ink
24.  Mother and toddler playing with red ball—24” X 20”—Media: Ink
 25.  Mother holding child with aqua background—18” X 16”—Media: Ink
 26.  Mother and two children with orange background—23” X 29”—Media: Ink
27.  Mother and son playing in green meadow 23” X 29”—Media: Ink|
 28.  Girl in swing with green background --23” X 29”—Media: Ink
29.  Woman with men in border --23” X 29”—Media: Pencil|
 30.  Young woman standing wearing dress and coat --23” X 29”—Media: Pencil
 31.  Scene from Gone With the Wind—11 ½” X 14 ½” – Media: Pencil
32.  Portrait of unknown man –11 ½” X 14 ½”—Media: Pencil
  33.  Woman and child playing in grass—23” X 29” – Media: Pencil
34.  Child combing woman’s hair—29” X 23”—Media: Ink
 35.  Classic car sketch—23” X 29”—Media: Pencil
36.  Classic car sketch—23” X 29”—Media: Pencil
37.  Classic car sketch—23” X 29”—Media: Pencil
38.  Ink drawing of man line method—29” X 19”—Media: Ink
39.  Cat illustration with yellow-orange background—23” X 29”—Media: Pencil and ink
40.  Sketch of woman breast feeding—29” X 23”—Media: Pencil
41.  Sketch of three children—18” X 24”—Media: Pencil
42.  Sketch of people and children at party—18” X 24”—Media--Pencil
43.  Sketch of woman and child carving a pumpkin with pumpkin patch in background –29” X 23”—Media: Pencil
 44.  Eleanor Roosevelt collage on black—31 ½” X 22 ½”—Media: Ink/pencil
  45.  Abraham Lincoln collage on black—35 ½” X 26 ½”—Media—Ink/pencil
 46.  Mother and child playing with red background—14 ½” X 20 ½”—Media: Ink
  47.  Mother and child playing—22 ½” X 19 ½”—Media: Ink
48.  Mother and child playing in meadow—23” X 29”—Media: Ink
49.  Portrait of unknown man (3)—29” X 23”—Media: Pencil
 50.  Portrait of unknown man—29” X 23”—Media: Pencil
51.  Man sitting in chair thinking—11 ½” X 14 ½”—Media: Pencil  
52.  Courthouse—14 ½” X 23”—Media: Pencil
 53.  Courthouse with shading—14 ½” X 23”—Media: Pencil/Ink
54.  Courthouse—14 ½” X 23”—Media: Pencil/Marker
55. Slides (51)

Drawer 37
32” X 43.25” X 2”

     Dick Millard Exhibit of Photographs

   1.  9 mounted photographs—22” x 27”
 2.  Calendar—22” x 17 ½”—“A Tribute to an Artist”
 3.  Extra copies of calendar pages
4.  Promotional brochure (6)

Drawer 38
32” X 43.25” X 2”

     Dick Millard Exhibit of Photographs

   5.  7 mounted photographs—27” X 22”
6.  8 Photos—11” X 14”
7.  3 Photos—8” X 10”
8.  Correspondence

Drawer 39
32” X 43.25” X 2”

     Jack O’Hara Photographs

   1.  Unmounted set of prints (12) called “Impressions of Missouri”—17 ¼” X 23 ½”
2.  Brochure

Harold Hahn Exhibit of Photography

   1.  Brochure (3)
2.  Photos (43)

Drawer 40
32” X 43.25” X 2”


    1.  Appendices A-H—Volume 1—Written Materials
2.  Appendices I-M—Volume 2—Autovisual Materials
3.  Leather portfolio
4.  Leather briefcase
5.  Paragraph samples
6.  Samples of Work
7.  Slides (224)
8.  Transparencies—Woman with personalities with photos
9.  Layout for a display of Melton work
10. College Papers
a.  History of Painting
         b.  History of Art Structure
11.  Photos and negatives|
12.  Commissions
13.  Releases
14.  Author-In-Residence Brochure
15.  Name signs
16.  Pictures of personalities
17.  Proposal for a Research Project
18.  Materials from a Graduate Study in Gifted Education
  19.  Research materials—Articles, brochures, booklets
20.  Obituary
  21.  Promotional material for Swope Ridge Health Care Center
22.  Proposal for establishing a long-term care education center
23.  Ken-A-Vision Readmaster Cards—Sets A & B
24.  “Red Peppers” prompt book
25.  Correspondence
26.  Articles about Melton
27.  Expense book and paper copies of expenses
  28.  Miscellaneous manuscript pages (in box on top of drawers)