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David Melton Papers: Papers 4

David Melton Papers

David Melton Papers 4            

Collection Inventory

Drawer 26
32” X 43.25” X 2”

Unpublished Manuscripts

  1.  “100 (almost) sure cures for the morning after the night before”
a.  Book jacket

  2.  “100 Clever Ways to Tell Your Friends to Push Off”
a.  Book jacket

  3.  “A Love Letter to my Wife”
a.  Book jacket

  4.  “Awful Miss Pretty”
a.  Book Dummy with book jacket
b.  Slides (14)

  5.  “Bang-Bang you’re dead – brush your teeth and go to bed!”
a.  Book jacket

  6.  “The days that went to hell in a hand basket cookbook”
a.  Book jacket

  7.  “Elephants don’t Live in Trees”
a.  Book dummy with book jacket
b.  Sketch of beaver (2)
c.  Sketch of opossum
d.  Sketch of squirrel
e.  Sketch of elephant hanging by tail
f.   Sketch of bear
g.  Pages 6-7– elephant meets bear with hollow log – Media: Pencil
h.  Pages 8-9– elephant crawling into hollow log bear rests on log –Media:Pencil
i.   Pages 10-11 elephant inside hollow log – back feet hanging out back – Media: Pencil
j.   Pages 12-13 – elephant trying to get into hollow tree with squirrel looking in – Media: Pencil
k.  Pages 14-15 – elephant stuck inside hollow tree body sticks out back – elephant eye in knot hollow trunk sticks out hollow branch – pencil
l.   Pages 15-16 – elephant is sitting in bird nest  with birds flying around – Media: Pencil
m.  Pages 18-19 – elephant sitting in bird nest with trunk outstretched towards opossum – who is hanging upside down – Media: Pencil
n.  Pages 20-21 – elephant hanging like an opossum by his tail upside down sketch with beaver –3 copies—Media: Pencil
o.  Pages 22 -23– beaver with chopped down tree and elephant hanging by tail in back ground – Media: Pencil
p.  Pages 24-25 – elephant building dam to live in – Media: Pencil
q.  Pages 26-27 – elephant with trunk sticking out of water with two beaver looking on – Media: Pencil
r.   Pages 28-29 – elephant sitting under water with trunk sticking out and surrounded by fish – Media: Pencil
s.  Pages 32-33– elephant in ocean with gray whale – Media: Pencil
t.   Elephant walking through circus crowds
u.  Elephant walking through woods by circus

  8.  “The First Singing Cowboy – John Wayne:  the Last of the Heroes” 
a.  Book jacket
b.  27” X 18” – portrait of John Wayne

  9.  “Jesus – Straight from the Shoulder”
a.  Book jacket—2 copies

10.  “Lady in Waiting”
a.  Book jacket
b. 32” X 21 ½” - pregnant woman standing by open curtains – looking out window

11.  “Louis Satchmo Armstrong”
a.  Book jacket
b. 27” X 18” – portrait of Louis Armstrong

12.  “Love in an Upside Down Fruitcake”
a.  Book jacket

13.  “Sinatra”
a. Book jacket

14.  “What America Means to Me”
a. Book jacket

15.  “When You Look, What Do You See?”
a.  Book jacket

16.  "While You’re Away”
a.  Book jacket

17.  “Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman?”
a.  Book jacket
b.  21 ¾” X 13 ¼” - woman with flowing brown hair with purple, blue and magenta background

Drawer 27
32” X 43.25” X 2”

Unpublished Manuscripts

  1.  All About Me
a.  Typed manuscript

  2.  All the Wooden Indians (Someday, I’ll Get My Head on Straight)
a.  Outline for a proposed book with notes
b.  Outline for a proposed book
c.  Sample chapter
d. Outline with rough samples
e.  Outline for a proposed book—Someday, I’ll Get My Head on Straight
f.  Sample Chapter (2)

  3.  A More Perfect Union
a.  Outline for a proposed film
b.  Typed screenplay (missing pages 1-4, 33-34, 48, 66, 87, 89-90, 94, 103, 105, 107-109)
c.  Typed screenplay--early draft with a copy
d. Typed screenplay (missing pages 12, 16, 18, 23, 33-34, 42, 45, 76, 78, 82, 83, 95, 99, 100, 104, 115, 119)
e.  Revision pages
f.  Typed screenplay
g.  Miscellaneous pages

  4.  Case for the Persecuted, Victimized, Ridiculed, and Too Often Ignored Mother
a.  Typed manuscript

  5.  Crazy Mixed Up Red Goose
a.  Typed manuscript

  6.  Cul-de-sac
a.  Typed manuscript
b.  Typed manuscript—early draft

  7.  Elbert Elephant
a.  Typed manuscript

  8.  Elfindale Story
a.  Slides (103)

  9.  Flippety, the Frog Who Couldn’t Glunk
a.  Typed manuscript—Synopsis and excerpt

10.  Gentle Militant
a.  Typed manuscript

11.  Giants
a.  Synopsis

12.  Infidelity Crisis
a.  Typed manuscript

13.  Lady in Waiting
a.  Typed manuscript—Carbon

14.  Letter
a.  Typed manuscript before revisions
b.  Typed manuscript

15.  Love Letter to My Wife
a.  Typed manuscript—Carbon

16.  Marilyn Johnson Strikes Back
a.  Typed manuscript

17.  Meet Mr. Octopus
a.  Typed manuscript

18.  Mr. What’s-His-Name
a.  Typed and handwritten manuscript pages

19.  Ozark Stories
a.  Typed manuscript

20.  Pa Won’t Like this at All
a.  Typed manuscript

21.  Poetry
a.  Handwritten manuscript pages
b.  Two Stenographer’s Notebooks with handwritten pages

22.  Poetry for Children
a.  Typed manuscript
b.  Miscellaneous manuscript pages

23.  A Present fort Jeremy
a.  Typed manuscript

24.  Pretty Looks in the Mirror
a.  Handwritten manuscript

25.  Puddle: the Peppy Little Puppy
a.  Typed manuscript

26.  Robert Marshall
a.  Typed manuscript with revisions—1st draft
b. Typed manuscript with revisions—2nd draft
c.  Typed manuscript pages 1-21

27.  Souvenirs
a.  Typed manuscript

28.  What is the Big City Like?
a.  Miscellaneous manuscript pages

29.  When Was the Last Time You Took a Look at Yourself
a.  Typed manuscript—first draft (2)
b.  Typed manuscript—revised

30.  When Was Look at Me, What Do You See?
a.  Typed screenplay
b.  Television Script—Then Came Bronson

31.  Witch and the Cat
a.  Typed manuscript

32.   Untitled  
a.  Typed manuscript