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Scholarly Publishing

This guide provides information on how to make strategic decisions in your publishing journey.

Factors to Consider

Once you have developed a list of journals, there are a number of ways that you can determine if they are a match for your article and publishing needs or not by learning more about the journal rankings, impact factors and other issues that are relevant to you and your particular situation. For example, is it critical to have a journal with a high ranking, do you need something published quickly, etc.? How you answer these question can help you determine what journals to target.

JCK Library has a database called Cabells that is specifically designed to help identify journals in your area.

Researching Publishers & Journals

There are a multitude of journals to select for your publication. The following links and tools will help you narrow your search to titles in your areas.

Journal Impact Factor

When publishing for promotion and tenure the Journal Impact Factor of your publication may be a consideration as it tends to reflect the relative importance of the publication in the field. The higher the impact factor; the more important  and prestigious  the journal.

There are several sources for you to check the impact factor.