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Scholarly Publishing

This guide provides information on how to make strategic decisions in your publishing journey.

How to Select A Journal for Publication

Publishing is a critical activity for faculty interested in promotion and tenure and finding the right publisher for your article is very important. This library guide will provide some ideas on how to get started. Here are some items to consider:

What journals have you cited in your article? It is very possible that your article would fit the scope of these publications.

  • Ask your colleagues what journals they publish in.
  • Develop a list of possible publishers.
  • Check the publisher websites - what are their criteria?
  • The library database, Cabells, is also a good resource to locate additional journal titles in your field. It will provide information on evaluation metrics and submission details for journal titles covered.

This video from Think, Check, Submit will give you a brief overview of the process you should follow in selecting the right journal for your article.