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James C. Kirkpatrick Library Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

The plan for the James C. Kirkpatrick Library focuses on advancing its mission, promoting ethical and equitable practices, and growing as a modern academic library. While not exhaustive, the plan identifies key areas for increased attention and investment to better serve our users. The development of this plan began in 2022 under the leadership of University Librarian Dr. Janette Klein, with a reflection on the existing mission, vision, and values and their alignment with the updated University of Central Missouri's strategic plan.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the evolving needs of the students, faculty, and staff that comprise the UCM community served as catalysts for this planning process, emphasizing the importance of reflection, priorities, and a future characterized by equity.

The foundation of the library's mission is inclusivity, equity of access to resources, and a commitment to academic excellence. This commitment is woven into each objective and aspect of the library's work. The plan acknowledges and appreciates the contributions of individuals who participated in the planning process by providing ideas, input, questions, energy, and vision. We hope you will stay engaged as the plan and the James C. Kirkpatrick Library continues to develop and evolve.

JCKL Vision

James C. Kirkpatrick Library fosters a dynamic learning environment by empowering the UCM community with resources, services, spaces, and instruction.

JCKL Mission

The James C. Kirkpatrick Library models excellence in meeting the information needs of a university focused on teaching and scholarship.

Strategic Plan: March 1, 2023 - June 30, 2026

The strategic plan of James C. Kirkpatrick Library is created within the framework of the Association of College & Research Libraries Standards for Libraries in Higher Education.

The People at JCKL Value:


We support learning, research, and inquiry through equitable access to information resources.


We recognize that the diversity of our community strengthens us and we strive to reflect diversity in the resources we provide. 

User Experience

We align our services, collections, spaces, and programs with the needs of the UCM community, recognizing that everyone is deserving of respect and dignity.


We provide a dynamic, welcoming, and accessible environment that supports collaboration, learning, and research for all. 


We foster curiosity, critical thinking, and reflection to transform students into informed and engaged citizens.


We invest in new and existing partnerships to achieve shared goals and contribute to positive student and faculty outcomes and experiences.

Library Assessment Statistics and Data

Assessment data related to the library can be found on the page below.