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James C. Kirkpatrick Library Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

On July 1, 2015, Gail M. Staines, Ph.D., accepted the position as University Librarian at the University of Central Missouri. This was as a result of the retirement of Mollie Dinwiddie, former Dean of Library Services. As a result of this change in leadership, the James C. Kirkpatrick Library (referred to as either JCKL or Library) embarked on updating and revising the strategic plan.

Dr. Staines invited faculty librarians and staff who represent different areas of the Library to serve on the Library Services Council (LSC). The purpose of the LSC is to serve as the leadership team in developing the strategic plan. The LSC met on a regular basis in fall 2015 and spring 2016, sharing documents and ideas online and in person.

To obtain feedback, the LSC had 4 focus groups conducted in the fall of 2015. Facilitated by Dr. Carol Atkinson, professor in the Dept. of Communication at UCM, and two graduate students, faculty and staff were asked to participate in one of four focus groups. Dr. Atkinson and the graduate students prepared a report to Dr. Staines that provided themes that emerged from these discussions.

In addition, librarian faculty and staff were asked to share ideas anonymously on Post-It notes in the Library Conference Room. The LSC categorized these responses which were then added to the strategic planning documents.

The LSC also conducted a SurveyMonkey survey obtaining input on strategic planning from librarian faculty and staff.

In March and April 2016, the LSC reviewed the Library’s mission, vision, and value statements and compared this information to the University’s Attributes as presented in the UCM Strategic Positioning Platform. Laura Horne-Popp, User Experience and Assessment Librarian, developed a chart comparing ACRL Standard for Higher Education, ACRL Performance Indicators, UCM KPIs (key performance indicators), focus group themes, and ideas submitted on Post-It notes.

In May 2016, the LSC developed a final draft of the Library’s mission, vision, and values statements along with a strategic plan. The plan is based on the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Standards for Libraries in Higher Education. JCKL’s strategic plan aligns and supports UCM’s mission of transforming students into lifelong learners, dedicated to service, with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed and lead in the region, state, nation, and the world.

Library Services Council Team Members

  • Gail M. Staines, Ph.D., University Librarian
  • Eddy Agueros, Access Services Day Manager
  • Kim Anthes, Operations Manager
  • Nancy Gieselman, Administrative Assistant to the University Librarian
  • Wendy Hawkins, Library Assistant
  • Laura Horne-Popp, Asst. Prof., Assistant University Librarian
  • Maya Kucij, Assistant Professor and Director of the Children’s Literature Festival
  • Chad Marnholtz, Manager, Harmon Computer Commons
  • Shara McNeeley, Library Technical Assistant
  • Scott Norwood, Assoc. Prof., Faculty Librarian Liaison
  • Alice Ruleman, Interim Library Dept. Chair
  • Josh Welker, Asst. Prof., Faculty IT Librarian

UCM Attributes (Values)

Developed in 2012, the University of Central Missouri has identified four areas that comprise its Strategic Positioning Platform. These include: engaged learning, worldly perspective, culture of service, and future-focused academics.

The Strategic Positioning Platform also identifies six attributes that the University stands behind. The Library Services Council agreed that these six attributes are the Library’s values.

  1. Engaging: Immersive learning experience through purposeful involvement of students.
  2. Cumulative: Aggregating multiple points of learning to broaden and deepen education.
  3. Passionate: Encouraging each student to find his or her own sense of purpose.
  4. Confident: Embracing change and the new opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.
  5. Enterprising: Creating new ways for all students to engage in their education.
  6. Caring: Acting on the needs and welfare of people and community.

JCKL Vision

The James C. Kirkpatrick Library models excellence in meeting the information needs of a learner-centered university focused on teaching and scholarship.

JCKL Mission

The mission of the James C. Kirkpatrick Library is to create a dynamic learning environment by providing information resources, services, and instruction to the University of Central Missouri community.

institutional effectiveness graphic

Strategic Plan: July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2020

The strategic plan of James C. Kirkpatrick Library is created within the framework of the Association of College & Research Libraries Standards for Libraries in Higher Education.

Institutional Effectiveness

Define, develop, and measure outcomes that contribute to institutional effectiveness and apply findings for purposes of continuous improvement. (ACRL Standards Principle 1)

Community Engagement

Continue to engage the campus and broader community through multiple strategies in order to advocate, educate, and promote their value. (ACRL Standards Principle 9)

Library Leadership

Continue to engage in continuous planning and assessment to inform resource allocation and to meet our mission effectively and efficiently. (ACRL Standards Principle 7)

Library As Place

Serve as the intellectual commons of campus where users interact with ideas in physical and virtual environments to expand learning and the creation of new knowledge. (ACRL Standards Principle 6)

Educational Role

Collaborate with other faculty, staff, and students (as appropriate) to teach users how to search for, locate, and analyze information effectively. (ACRL Standards Principle 3)

Information Resources

Optimize processes, policies, and people to enhance our ability to develop collections (i.e., acquire, preserve, de-accession) and provide access to physical and digital materials. (ACRL Standards Principle 5)

Information Discovery

Enable users to discover information in all formats through effective use of technology and organization of knowledge. (ACRL Standards Principle 4)

Professional Values

Librarian faculty and staff advance professional values of intellectual freedom, intellectual property rights and values, user privacy and confidentiality, collaboration, and user-centered services. (ACRL Standards Principle 2)

Library Personnel

Provide sufficient number and quality of personnel to ensure excellence and to function successfully in an environment of continuous change. (ACRL Standards Principle 8)

Library Assessment Statistics and Data

Library Assessment

Assessment data related to the library can be found on the page below.