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Nicole Rubel Papers                      

Collection Inventory

Box 1 
15.25” x 12.75” x 3

     Gantos, Jack.  The Nine Lives of Rotten Ralph.  Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2009.
            Illustrated by Nicole Rubel

            1.    Sarah holding baby Rotten Ralph—11 ½” X 8 ¾”—Signed, 2008—Media: Ink   
            2.    Title page—12 ½” X 9 ¾”—Ralph falling off skateboard with Sarah watching—Signed, 2008—Media: Proof                
            3.    Page 5—12 ½” X 9 ¾”—Ralph trying to drink medicine—Signed, 2008—Media: Proof                 
            4.    Page 9—12 ½” X 9 ¾”—Sarah comforting an ill Ralph—Signed, 2008—Media: Proof
            5.    Page 14—12 ½” X 9 ¾”—Sarah scolding  Ralph while he thinks of cat with Jack-O-Lantern—Signed, 2008—Media: Proof
            6.    Page 22—12 ½” X 9 ¾”—Sarah with a rattle for baby Ralph—Signed, 2008—Media: Proof
            7.    Page 25—12 ½” X 9 ¾”—Sarah pulling wagon looking at “Cat Constellation” in sky—Signed, 2008—Media: proof