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Arielle North Olson Papers

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Arielle North Olson Papers     

Collection Inventory

Box 1
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Book Reviews Written by Arielle North

1.  “A Spectacular Year for Children’s Books.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch Magazine November 30, 1986: 4-5, 18-19.
2.  “Comforting Power of Fairy Tales.”  St. Louis Post-Dispatch Magazine November 29, 1987: 12-14.
3.  “Wonderful Answers to ‘Read Me a Story’.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch Magazine  November 27, 1988: 8-10, 12-13.
4.  “Magic Formula Is Reading Aloud.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch Magazine November 26, 1989: 8-9, 13-15.
5.  “Books to Challenge Imaginations.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch Magazine November 25, 1990: 8-10, 28.
6.  “Books for Bedtime—And More.”  St. Louis Post-Dispatch Magazine December 1, 1991: 10-12.