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Madge Harrah Papers

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Madge Harrah Papers              Madge Harrah photo

Collection Inventory

Box 1
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”


     My Brother, My Enemy. New York: Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1997. 

1.  Correspondence
          2.  Stage play—“Prelude to a Nation” (forerunner of the novel)
          3.  Stage play—“Fire in the Sky”  (forerunner of the movie)
          4.  Made-for-TV movie script—“Fire in the Sky” (forerunner of the novel)
          5.  Original manuscript
6.  Proofs with author’s corrections
          7. Teacher’s Guide
          8. Reviews

Box 2a
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”


     Blind Boone, Piano Prodigy.  Minneapolis:  Carolrhoda Books, Inc., 2004.
          Working title: Blind Boone, Ragtime Genius

          1.  Research materials
                a.   Original notes—Interviews with Wayne Allen 1953-1955
b.   Copies of newspaper articles on Wayne B. Allen, Boone’s last manager
c.   Missouri School for the Blind—information and copies of photos
                d.   Copy of article on Boone from Britannica Library Research Service (with corrections and  additions by Harrah) 
e.   Ragtime Festival—Columbia, MO—June 6-8, 1999 (Harrah was keynote speaker)
                f.    Articles and flyers on Blind Boone and Warrensburg
                g.   Article “Curious Facts About Blind Tom”—copy
                h.   Article on Boone’s death
                i.    Resolution for Respect of J. W. “Blind” Boone
                j.    Cytowic, Richard E. “Synesthesia: Phenomenology and Neuropsychology.” Psyche. July 1995 
1)   Copy of article with author note
                k.   Blind Boone Memorial Foundation, Inc.
                l.   Fuell, Melissa. Blind Boone: His Early Life and His Achievements. Kansas City: Burton Publishing, 1915. 
1)   Copy of book with tabs
2.   Articles by Madge Harrah
                a.   Article submitted to World Book Encyclopedia in 1962 (2 copies)
                b.   “They Played for Pioneers and Kings”—Typed and handwritten manuscript
                c.   “Blind Boone”—Typed manuscript with correspondence
                d.   “Incomparable Blind Boone.”  Negro Digest. July 1961: 53-57.
                      1)   Copy of periodical and article
                e.   “Wayne B. Allen Blind Boone’s Last Manager.”  Ragtime.  September/October 1969: 10-15.
                      1)    Copy of article
                f.    “Blind Boone, Musical Genius and Early Ragtime.”  Mississippi Rag.  September 2004:  1-5--2 copies
                g.   “Most Memorable Character I Ever Met.”  (Wayne B. Allen)
                      1)   Typed and handwritten manuscript—1st draft
                      2)   Typed manuscript—2nd draft
                      3)   Typed manuscript—3rd draft

Box 2b
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”


     Blind Boone, Piano Prodigy.  Minneapolis:  Carolrhoda Books, Inc., 2004.
          Working title:  Blind Boone, Ragtime Genius

           3.  Typed manuscript—1st version with bibliography and note from author
           4.  Typed manuscript—2nd version with note from author
           5.  Typed manuscript—3rd version—June 2001 with author note
           6.  Typed manuscript—4th version with author note
           7.  Typed manuscript—5th version with author note
           8.  Typed manuscript—final version after the last revisions—and revised pages and correspondence
           9.  Proof
         10.  Jack Batterson information and copy of article from “ Ragtimer”  September/October 1969
         11.  Book reviews
         12.  Flyers
         13.  Credits
         14.  Photos

Box 3
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”


          1.  Copy of educational coloring book, Color Hikes, by Blanche Fisher, Madge Harrah’s mother, and author story
2.   Article, “Freedom of Being ‘Penned’ In.” Albuquerque Tribune. January 11, 1982.
          3.   MU College of Educational Citations of Merit for Outstanding Achievement and Meritorious Service Award
a.  Letter
b.  Resume
c.  Booklet