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Educator Preparation and Certification


Welcome to the Educator Preparation and Certification LibGuide! Below is the most essential information you'll need to complete the Teaching Certification process at UCM (retrieved from Clinical Services and Certification through the College of Education):

Steps to Teaching Certification

Initial Application to Teacher Education Admission to Teacher Education Application to Student Teach Completion and Certification
When When When** When
During Foundations Coursework Sophomore or Junior Year, depending on program Two semesters prior to Student Teaching End of Student Teaching
Requirements Requirements Requirements Requirements
  • Earn C’s or higher in EDFL 2100, EDFL 2240, and EDSP 2100
  • Scores on Educator Disposition Assessment (EDA) Level 1 or higher
  • Pass MoGEA if required
  • 3.0 Content and Professional Education GPAs
  • Scores on EDA Level 1 or higher
  • Completion of Program-Specific requirements
  • Approval from program
  • Admission to TEP
  • Complete appropriate  MOCA**
  • Recommendation from program faculty
  • Earn score of 42 on MEES
  • Scores on EDA Level 1 or higher
  • Successful completion of Work Sample
  • Passing score on MOCA
    • Meet all graduation requirements
To Do* To Do To Do* To Do*
  • Submit Application
  • Complete Background Check
  • Complete MoGEA (Waived with Composite
  • ACT score of 20)

*See Certification Office for information

  • Complete Application
  • Complete Application**
  • Create DESE Profile
  • Complete Student Teaching Placement Request**

**Early Childhood and Elementary majors follow a different timeline. Please consult with program faculty.

  • Complete DESE Application for Initial Certification
  • Send transcripts to DESE

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