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Copyright Information

The University of Central Missouri adheres to all applicable Copyright Laws outlined in Title 17 of the United States Code. This guide outlines applicable copyright laws as they apply to Fair Use and the TEACH Act.

Additional Copyright Resources

The following resources offer assistance in understanding Copyright and Fair Use:

  • The Association of American Universities provides a Permissions FAQ ( on Author Responsibilities and Copyright Guidelines
  • American Library Association's Office of Information Technology Policy has a Copyright Advisory Network ( which provides links to resources as Fair Use Evaluator, Public Domain Slider, etc.  
  • Creative Commons offers a search mechanism though which you can search for an image type across multiple platforms and by intent of use such as "use for commercial purposes" or intend to "modify, adapt or build upon."
  • The U.S. Copyright Office page Frequently Asked Questions about Copyright offers information on a variety of topics related to copyright. This page provides extensive resource information for the creator/author of an original work of authorship work and an overview of copyright for those wishing a more general level of understanding.