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Information Literacy Program

Teaching and Learning support provided by faculty librarians for faculty.

Instructional Design for Research Assignments

Collaborate with faculty librarians on developing effective assignments and assessments focused on students' ability to research. This can be the traditional research paper, but can also cover how to evaluate information for professional and personal needs as well.

JCKL has developed student learning outcomes for each area/frame regarding information literacy.

Tailored Information Literacy Instruction

Librarians can come to the classroom or interact with students online to teach a variety of different research skills and strategies tailored to the objectives of the course. For example, librarians often teach the following:

  • Choosing a research topic
  • Performing a literature review
  • Evaluating information, particularly un-vetted sources of information
  • Determining different kinds of resources - academic and professional resources from popular sources
  • Citing resources within student work

There are also computer labs in the library that can be booked for library instruction in the space if computers are needed to instruct on any research topic.

Research Guides

 There are existing research guides for every program on campus that provide broad coverage of resources used by each field of study - called Subject Research Guides.

Librarians can also create course-specific research guides customized to the goals of the course. Guides can support any research assignments within the class by listing the best resources for the field of study - including databases, journal titles, books, e-books, websites, datasets, etc.

Research Consultations

Faculty and students can schedule one-on-one and small group meetings with a faculty librarian to discuss assignments, research questions, relevant information resources, etc. These consultations can be online or face-to-face.

To schedule an appointment with a librarian, please go to the list of librarians by subject area, click their name and then click on the schedule appointment button or the email button.

Library Workshops

James C. Kirkpatrick Library offers a number of workshops - both face to face and online. A number of these workshops are offered multiple times throughout the academic year. Topics covered in the workshops include:

  • Citation management
  • Locating appropriate journals for publication
  • Census data
  • First year student information behaviors
  • Fake news
  • Accessing e-books
  • Research workshop series for graduate students covering how to develop a research question/problem, the literature review, citing, research methodologies and research ethics.

The library maintains a calendar of workshops where people may register to attended.