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Emily Arnold McCully Papers

Emily Arnold McCully Papers                         


Collection Inventory

       Schertle, Alice. 1, 2, I Love You. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2004.
              (Illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully)

              Original artwork:

                   Measurement: 13 ¼” X 19” (with frame 19 ⅞” X 24” X 7/8”)
                   Description: Monkey, camel, cow, owl in rowboat with elephant hiding 
in bushes
                   Location: Second floor James C. Kirkpatrick Library

Note 035

Box 1
17.25" X 11.75" X 3.75"

       McCully, Emily Arnold. Pete Makes a Mistake. New York: Holiday House, 2015.

                Original Artwork:

                    Page: Book cover
                    Measurement: 7 ¼” X 8 ¼” 

                    Description:Distracted by his friends, Pete the Pig forgets to give 
Gert an invitation to Rosie’s  party
                    Location: Sadler Research Collection

                    Note: Signed
                    Media: Ink