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Terry Trueman Papers: Papers 3

Terry Trueman Papers 3



Terry Trueman Papers 3                  Terry Trueman

Collection Inventory

Box 10
15.25” X 11.25” X 3”

      Unpublished Works

           1.  A Real Beauty… Must See to Appreciate
                a.  Typed manuscript—early draft--pp. 1-53
                b.  Typed manuscript—pp. 1-55
                c.  Typed manuscript with revisions
                d.  Typed manuscript
           2.  Double Solitaire
                  a.  Typed manuscript
           3.  Emperor’s Club
                  a.  Typed manuscript

Box 11
15.25” X 11.25” X 3”

      Unpublished Works

            4.  Gettin’ Over It
                 a.  Typed manuscript with revisions—early draft
                 b.  Typed manuscript with revisions (7/05)
                 c.  Typed manuscript with notes
                 d.  Typed manuscript—August 2009
                 e.  Typed manuscript with comments
                 f.   E-mail with editor’s notes

Box 12
15.25” X 11.25” X 3”

       Unpublished Works

           5.  Invisible
                a.  Typed manuscript pages 1-21
                b.  Typed manuscript—May 2004
                c.  Typed manuscript with editor’s notes and e-mail
           6.  Jesse Jonze’s Filthy, Disgusting, Double-Gross, Nasty Little Secrets
                 a.  Typed manuscript ( 2 Copies)
           7.  Joey Shmolov’s Filthy, Disgusting, Nasty Little Secrets
                 a.  Typed manuscript pages 1-14—December 2003
                 b.  Typed manuscript with revisions
                 c.  Typed manuscript—April 2004

Box 13
15.25” X 11.25” X 3”

      Unpublished Works

            8.  Kid Who Killed Chinastki
                   a.  Typed manuscript with revisions
                   b.  Correspondence
            9.  Killer Instincts
                    a.  Typed manuscript
           10.  Novel in Nine Short Stories
                    a.  Typed manuscript with revisions

Box 14
15.25” X 11.25” X 3”

      Unpublished Works

            11.  Secret Rooms
                   a.  Typed manuscript with revisions—1st draft
                   b.  Typed manuscript—1st draft
                   c.  Typed manuscript—revised
                   d.  Typed manuscript (2/28-3/3)
                   e.  Typed manuscript (9/07)
                   f.   Typed manuscript
                   g.  Correspondence—Editorial Letters

Box 15
15.25” X 11.25” X 3”

      Unpublished Works

            12.  Shawn’s V/O
                   a.  Typed manuscript—2 copies
                   b.  Typed manuscript pages
            13.  Short Stuff: Dedicated to Every Kid Who Ever Felt Small
                   a.  Typed manuscript
            14.  Speed Bumps Ahead
                     a.  Typed manuscript
            15.  Stepping Up
                     a.  Typed manuscript
            16.  What I Did on My Parents’ Summer Vacation
                     a.  Typed manuscript (2 Copies)
            17.  What Matters Most
                     a.  Typed manuscript with revisions and notes
                     b.  Typed manuscript
             18. “321”
                   a.  Typed manuscript with revisions—pp. 1-102
                   b.  Typed manuscript with revisions—draft 1—pp. 1-101
                   c.  Typed manuscript with revisions—draft 2—pp. 1-100
                   d.  Unfinished novel

Box 16
17.5” X 11.75” X 3.5”

     Unpublished Works

            19.  Begging, Borrowing, & Stealing Literacy (2 copies)
            20.  A Blind Cow is Born

            21.  Chinese Painting Poem
                   a. Dummy book
                   b. Cover

            22.  It’s No Big Thing

                   a. Typed manuscript with revisions
b. Unfinished novel
 23.  Fathering
  a. Typed manuscript
                   b. Ed Averett Interviews Conducted 1978-79--handwritten

             24  Sean

                    a. Typed manuscript with revisions
  b. Note: Not to be published
 25.  Wild Parrots
  a. Copy from Measure
             26.  Untitled copy of a manuscript with prologue