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Carol Kendall Papers: Papers 2

Carol Kendall Papers

Carol Kendall Papers 2             

Collection Inventory

Box 8
17.25” X 11.5” X 3.5”

      Short Stories—Published

            1.  “Curley Green Builds a House.” Jack and Jill.  March 1946: 2-9.
                 a.  Copy of Jack and Jill magazine
                 b.  Correspondence
                 c.  Newspaper clippings
                 d.  Note
            2.  “How to Revise a Novel.”  Writer’s Digest. 1946: 13-21
                 a.  Outline of Proposed Article (2 copies)
                 b.  Correspondence
                 c.  Copy of Writer’s Digest
            3.  “Skeleton Key to the English Monarchs.
                 a.  Correspondence
                 b.  Agreement with St. Martin’s Press
            4.  “Ghost Seller.”  Cricket. October 1986: 25-28.
                 a.  Correspondence
                 b.  Copyright form
                 c.  Typed manuscript with revisions
            5.  “Jade Soup.” Cricket. August 1990: 25.
                 a.  Typed manuscript with revisions
                 b.  Correspondence
                 c.  Distinguished Achievement Award
            6.  “Backyard Fantasies.”  Bulletin of the Association of the Teachers of Kansas English.  Spring 1994: 35-45.
            7.  Cinnamon Moon
                 a.  Typed manuscript with introduction
                 b.  List of tales
                 c.  Correspondence
                 d.  Typed manuscript pages with revisions

Box 9a
17.25” X 11.5” X 3.5”

      Unpublished Manuscripts

            1.  Fantasy Four
                 a.  Typed manuscript pages—various versions and drafts
                 b.  Chapter notes
                 c.  Synopsis of Chapters
            2.  Acorn Book
                 a.  Handwritten notes
                 b.  Typed manuscript with revisions
            3.  El Paso Book
                 a.  Handwritten notes in spiral notebook
                 b.  Handwritten manuscript with notes
                 c.  Manuscript pages (3) with note
                 d.  Typed manuscript pp. 197-410

Box 9b
17.25” X 11.5” X 3.5”

      Unpublished Manuscripts

            4.  Motel Book
                 a.  Handwritten manuscript
                 b.  Chapter summaries
                 c.  Notes
           5.  O’Bleness Song
                 a.  Handwritten notes
                 b.  Typed notes
                 c.  Captions for pictures
                 d.  Typed manuscript with revisions
                 e.  Newspaper clippings
           6.  Annabelle English
                a.  Handwritten manuscript in spiral notebook
                b.  Typed manuscript Chapters 1-6 with plot outline of remaining chapters
                c.  Typed manuscript Chapter 7-8, 10
                d.  Miscellaneous typed manuscript pages
                e.  Correspondence

Box 10
17.25” X 11.5” X 3.5”

    Unpublished Short Stories
          1.  “Jerome Quisenberry”
               a.  Typed manuscript
         2.  “Gladly into the World”
               a.  Research materials
               b.  Handwritten and typed manuscript with notes
               c.  Typed manuscript—1st version
               d.  Typed manuscript with revisions
               e.  Typed manuscript
         3.  “You Don’t Need a Club”
               a.  Typed manuscript
         4.  “Crack in the Ceiling”
               a.  Typed manuscript with revisions
               b.  Typed and handwritten with revisions
         5.  “ Fighting Cricket”
               a.  Articles
               b.  Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio—3 copies
               c.  Handwritten manuscript
               d.  Typed manuscript (original translation)
               e.  Typed manuscript with revisions
               f.   Typed manuscript Chinese version
         6.  “A Man from Warpfold”
               a.  Typed manuscript (2 copies) with correspondence
         7.  “Josie and her Three Cats”
               a.  Typed manuscript (2 copies) with notes
         8.  “Sarah’s Rainy Morning”
               a.  Typed manuscript with revisions
         9.  “From Coed to Faculty Wife”
               a.  Typed manuscript
       10.  “Big Man”
               a.  Handwritten and typed manuscript—March 1940
       11.  Fls. Conq The Flyp
              a.  Typed manuscript—May /June 1942
       12.  “Dean Cora Bartlett”
              a.  Handwritten manuscript
       13.  Untitled short stories (5)


Box 11
17.25” X 11.5” X 3.5”

  Early Years, High School, College
        1.  Tot recital—Newspaper clipping—11/26/21
        2.  Diploma—Bucyrus High School Class of 1935
        3.  High School Graduation Program
        4.  Mortar Board
              a.  Booklet
              b.  Membership Certificate
              c.  Newspaper Clippings
        5.  Ohio University Record Book
        6.  Certificate—Phi Beta Kappa
        7.  Honors Convocation of Ohio University
        8.  Phi Beta Kappa—newspaper clippings
        9.  Research paper—“Characteristics of the Eighteenth Century as Portrayed by the Life and Works of Joseph Addison and Sir Richard  Steele"
      10.  Ohio University related newspaper clippings
      11.  Library skit
      12.  Diploma—Bachelor of Arts, Ohio University, 1939
      13.  Graduation announcement
      14.  Graduation program

Box 12
17.25” X 11.5” X 3.5”

 Wedding, Family, Professional History

        1.  Wedding invitation
        2.  Newspaper announcements
        3.  Ohioanna Award newspaper clippings
        4.  Speaking events and miscellaneous newspaper clippings
        5.  Speeches
        6.  Dr. Paul Kendall
             a.  Mimic Heaven--correspondence
             b.  Beau Repair—correspondence
        7.  Biographies, professional history, Who’s Who, Something About the Author, etc.
        8.  Interview by Niekas

Box 13
17.25” X 11.5” X 3.5”

 Correspondence, Children’s Literature Festivals, Photos

        1.  Correspondence
             a.  1940-1949
             b.  1950-1959
             c.  1960-1969
             d.  1970-1979
             e.  1980-1989
             f.   1990-1999
             g.  2000-
             h.  Bill and Petch Peden
              i.  Betsy Byars
              j.  Margaret K. McElderry 
        2.  Children’s Literature Festivals
             a.  Central Missouri State University
             b.  UMKC
             c.  Fort Hayes State University
             d.  Drury College
             e.  Northeast Missouri State University
             f.   Loughborough England
        3.  Photos
        4.  Negatives

Box 14
17.25” X 11.5” X 3.5”

 Materials related to Writings

        1.  Preliminary report of findings from a study of author’s of children’s literature
        2.  Miscellaneous manuscript, stories, notes—“Bits and Pieces"
        3.  Ideas (Red Hot)
        4.  Characters
        5.  Clippings
             a.  Reviews (Books, Cinema, Art)
             b.  Amusing (intentionally or un-)
             c.  Medical
        6.  Rejection letters
        7.  List of publications by Carol Kendall
        8.  Pamphlet from A. M. Heath and Company (Authors’ Agents)

Box 15
12” X 8.5” X 6”

 Card File

        1.  File of index cards with story ideas, advice, quotes, etc.