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Education Research Tutorial

Step-by-step guide to conducting research in education

Finding a Thesis in Kirkpatrick Library

Kirkpatrick Library makes available all theses completed by UCM students; most of these are found on the third floor of the library and are available to be checked out. A second copy of each print thesis is found in the Special Collections area. (Although this archival copy can't be checked out, you may use it in the library if the circulating copy is not available.) Because the thesis collection is arranged by the last name of the author, rather than by subject, it is a difficult collection to browse. For that reason, you might want to use the Advanced Search mode in Quest, the online catalog, to look for a thesis on your topic. For instance, to find a thesis about academic achievement, select the Advanced Search mode in Quest. Using the dropdown menu, search for the word thesis in the LC Subject field and enter academic achievement in another box.

Since December 2010, UCM student theses have been submitted electronically and are now available in the university's digital repository, CENTRALspace Repository. Under "Communities in CENTRALspace" click on "The Graduate School." About halfway down the page, note the two collections in this community: Electronic Theses and Research Papers. Click on "Electronic Theses." Using the Browse box on the right hand side of the page, you may search the electronic thesis collection by date, author, title, or subject. Remember, though, that only a couple of years' worth of UCM theses are found in this digitized collection.

Finding a Dissertation or Thesis

The library has a substantial thesis collection but few dissertations.  The most comprehensive source of dissertations and theses in all disciplines is the database Dissertations and Theses.  This resource is available to all users in the library; current Central students, faculty, and staff members may also access it remotely.  Search tip: Try changing the search default  from searching "anywhere" to "document title" to look for words in the title. Dissertations use a very "academic" writing style and the titles tend to be long and descriptive, so searching for a title word can be helpful. 

Students researching education topics should also check the ERIC database, as some dissertations are available there.  Be sure to limit the publication type to Dissertations/Theses in order to restrict your search results.

You may also want to check a resource available on the free web: PQDT Open. This site makes many theses and dissertations available in electronic format. 

UCM Thesis Guidelines