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Patricia Hermes Papers: Papers 5

Patricia Hermes Papers 5

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Patricia Hermes Papers 5         Patricia Hermes photo

Collection Inventory

Box 30
12” X 10.5” X 5”

     Papa’s Junky Music.  New York: Philomel

          1.  Typed manuscript—earlier version—with notes on file folder
          2.  Typed manuscript pp. 1-57—early version
          3.  Typed manuscript pp. 69-78
          4.  Typed manuscript pp. 69-88
          5.  Typed manuscript pp. 1-104, 106-128
          6.  Typed manuscript with editor’s notes Chapters 1-3
          7.  Typed manuscript with editor’s notes Chapters 1-4
          8.  Typed manuscript with editor’s notes Chapters 1-4
          9.  Typed manuscript with editor’s notes Chapter 5 (two versions)
        10.  Typed manuscript with editor’s notes Chapters 6-10
        11.  Typed manuscript with editor’s notes unnumbered chapters
        12.  Typed manuscript with editor’s notes Chapters 19-20
        13.  Typed manuscript with editor’s notes Chapters 1-7, epilogue
        14.  Typed manuscript with editor’s notes and revisions Chapters 1, 10, unnumbered
        15.  Typed manuscript pp. 96-102
        16. Typed manuscript pp. 122-130
        17.  Correspondence
        18.  Fax-correspondence and story summary (1/24/96)
        19.  Author information and book list, author presentation information

Box 31
17.5” X 11.5” X 3.5”


          1.  “My Own Experience.” American Baby, January 1979: 18-21.
a. Copy of periodical
b. Research materials
c. Author contract 
 d. Correspondence
.  “We Rode Home in Silence.” Good Health, July/August 1980: 1-3.
a. Copy of periodical
b. Original manuscript #1
c. Copy of original manuscript #2
d. Correspondence
3.  “To Love a Child.” Ideals Mother’s Day, April 1980: 15.
a. Copy of periodical
4.  “Conflict.” Writing for Children, 1996: 35-36.
a. Copy of periodical
b. Copy of article
c. Correspondence and correction of page proof
5. “Patricia Hermes-A Disciplined Author.” Teaching preK-8, April 1998: 36-38.
a. Copy of periodical
b. Correspondence

     Chapter from Book

          1.  “If You Love Me, Read Me a Story.”  Literacy Across the Curriculum. Norwood, N. J.: Ablex Publishing Company, 2002.
a. Signed agreement to contribute to book
b. Typed manuscript—first draft
               c. Typed manuscript with revisions
 d. Typed manuscript
e. Type manuscript with revisions
f.   Memo about deadline
g.  Proof

Box 32
17.5” X 11.5” X 3.5” 

     Miscellaneous Materials

          1.  Manuscript pages
          2.  Handwritten notes “The Girl Who Named Herself”
          3.  Editor’s Notes “Tami”
          4.  Untitled manuscript
          5.  Correspondence
a. Student letters
b. Publisher letters
6.  How Come?
a. Typed manuscript—First version
b. Typed manuscript—Second version
c. Typed manuscript with correspondence
d. File folder with notes
7.  Grandma and Great-grandma
a. Typed manuscript—early version
 b. Typed manuscript—Version #1
c. Typed manuscript—Version #2
d. Typed manuscript—Version #3
8.  Brochures, labels, and bookmarks
9.  Research--immigration