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Edith McCall Papers: Papers 2

Edith McCall Papers 2

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Edith McCall Papers 2        Edith McCall photo

Collection Inventory

Box 3
17.25” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Manuscripts—Frontiers of America Series

          13.  Pirates and Privateers. Chicago: Children’s Press, 1963.

                a. Typed manuscript

          14.  Pioneer Traders.  Chicago: Children’s Press, 1964
Working title: Traders of Pioneer Days

                 a. Typed manuscript

          15.  Cowboys and Cattle Drives  Chicago: Children’s Press, 1964.

                 a. Typed manuscript

          16.  Forts in the Wilderness. Chicago: Children’s Press, 1968.

                 a. Typed manuscript
                 b. Revision pages with notes

           17.  Pioneer Show Folk.  Chicago: Children’s Press, 1963.
Working title: Pioneers of the Footlights

                  a. Typed manuscript

           18.  Stalwart Men of Early Texas.  Chicago: Children’s Press, 1970.
Working title: Adventures in Early Texas

                   a. Typed manuscript

           19.  Miscellaneous

                 a. Card
                 b. Missouri cutout with author’s picture—foam-board

Box 4
15.25" X 11.25" X 3"

     Abe and the Wild River. Unionville, NY: Royal Fireworks Press, 1999.
Working title: Abraham and the Wild River

          1. Typed manuscript