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Richard W. Jennings Papers: Papers 5

Richard W. Jennings Papers


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Richard W. Jennings Papers 5Richard Jennings photo

Collection Inventory

Box 12
15” X 11” X 3”

     Personal Information
1.    Biographical information
2.    Speeches
3.    Bibliographies
 4.    Business cards and proofs
5.    Postcards
6.    Photos and copies of photos

Box 13
5” X 11” X 3”


           1.  Works of Other Authors
a.  Speech by Alex Jennings
b.  There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch by Philip Jennings
c.  Fuggedaboutit aka What If You Has Amnesia by Gordon Magee
d.  Poem by Wyatt Townley
2.  Walnut Grove Quest
.  Newspaper articles
4.  Information about conferences and appearances
5.  Information about organizations
6.  Awards

               a. State of Kansas House of Representatives recognition for 2003 Kansas Arts Commission Mini Fellowship--certificate
b. William Rockhill Nelson Awards 2005
                   1). Award
2). Information
c. Kansas State Library—Kansas Center for the Book 2006— certificate
d. Kansas Senior Poet Laureate—2010
1). Certificate
2) Correspondence and information
                e.  Kansas Notable Books Award-2010
1). Medal with ribbon
                    2). Articles, information, poster, photos
7.  Award information, applications, and agreements
8.  Information from Houghton Mifflin

Box 14
15” X 11” X 3”


           9.  Handwritten notes