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CD 5512 Clinical Management

Boolean Seaching

Computer search engines are designed to interpret the terms you enter into the search box and generate a list of sources it feels is most relevant to your search. In spite of the "intelligence" of computers, we sometimes wonder how it came up with the results it did with the terms we input! Or the words might be there, but it is not relevant to you actual needs. 

There are ways to create a "search string" that is easier for the computer to interpret. One of the ways is using the Boolean Operators AND, OR and NOT.  Below is a video from McMaster University which explains how these terms are used to narrow and refine your search.

You may also find this handout helpful: Top 5 Searching Strategies Handout (EBSCO)

These tips apply in just about any online environment whether you are an internet search engine or a library database but the parameters can vary  some depending on the search engine. It is helpful to check for specific search tips.

APA Citing

For additional information on citing with APA 6th ed.  format see: APA Bootcamp guide.

For information on the rules for using the new APA 7th ed., refer to the Kent State University Libraries guide.

Citation Generators & Management Programs

There are a number of websites that will help you format your citations in APA style. You should always double-check the results you get, as the results are a good places to begin but not always correct.

  • KnightCite
    Maintained by the Hekman Library at Calvin College in Michigan, this site generates citations in MLA, APA and Chicago formats.

  • Cite Fast
    Generates citations and title pages in MLA, APA and Chicago formats. 

As graduate students, the following programs would both provide additional tools and resources that could be invaluable for your citation management by allowing you to not only format citations but save links, documents, etc. by research topics.

Both of these are free and need to be downloaded to your computer.

  • Mendeley  
    Mendeley generates citations and allows the researcher to download and annotate research and work collaboratively with other researchers. 

  • Zotero 
    Generates citations and allows the researcher to collect, organize, cite and collaborate on research.