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R. W. Alley Papers

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R. W. Alley Papers                   R. W. Alley photo

Collection Inventory

     Original 1

          Page Number: 
          Measurement:  16 ½” X 13 ½” (with frame 21 ½” X 24” X 1")       
          Media: Watercolor       
          Location:  Second floor James C. Kirkpatrick Library
          Description: Paddington standing in front of the James C. Kirkpatrick Library March 2000
          Notes:  Signed, “Paddington Comes to Warrensburg

     Original 2

          Page Number: 
          Measurement:  5 ½” X 5 ¾” (with frame 10 ½” X 11” X 3/4")       
          Media:  Watercolor      
          Location:  Second floor James C. Kirkpatrick Library
          Description:  Pearl and Wagner carrying box and bag of books
          Notes:  Signed, “Pearl and Wagner go to Children’s Literature Festival at Warrensburg"

     Original 3

          Page Number:
          Measurement: 32 1/4" X 26 3/4"
          Media: Marker
          Description: Geese from "Old Winter"

       Original 4

          Page Number:
          Measurement: 24 X 30 1/2" 
          Media: Marker
          Location: Sadler Collection Box 1

          Description: Detective Dinosaur
          Note: Sketch from Children's Literature Festival 2003; Signed

      Original 5

          Page Number:
          Measurement: 24 X 30 3/4" 
          Media: Marker
          Location: Sadler Collection Box 1

          Description: Paddington Bear
          Note: Sketch from Children's Literature Festival; Signed