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Bryan Collier Papers 1

Bryan Collier Papers 1               


Collection Inventory

     Hill, Loban Carrick. Dave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave. New York: Little Brown, 2010.
           Illus. by Bryan Collier

           Page 20-21
           Measurement: 22” X 14 ½” (With frame 28 1/8” X 23 3/8” X 1”
           Description: Dave checking the walls of the jar
           Media: Print
           Location:  Second Floor James C. Kirkpatrick  Library
           Note: Signed; 9/300

      Perdomo, Willie. Clemente. New York: Henry Holt and Co., 2010.
          Illus. by Bryan Collier

           Page 8:  
           Measurement:  23” X 15 ⅛”(With frame 29 1/8” X 23 ¼” X 7/8”)
           Description:  Clemente swinging and hitting the ball
           Media: Watercolor
           Location:  Second Floor James C.Kirkpatrick Library
           Note: Signed