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Cena Christopher Draper Papers

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Cena Christopher Draper Papers Cena Draper photo


Collection Inventory

Box 1
17.5” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Author Information and Miscellaneous
          1.   Photos
                a. Draper and Pat Barrows Minnis, illustrator, 1979
                b. Draper, no date
                c. Children’s Literature Festival
                d. PR photos
          2.   Autobiography
                a. Information sheets
                b. Typed draft, 5 pages
                c. Typed copies, 3 copies, 7 pages each 
          3.   Articles
                a. Sadler, Philip, Professor Emeritus of Children’s Literature, CMSU. “Warrensburg and Johnson County’s Cena Christopher Draper, Part 1.” The Bulletin of the
                   Johnson County Historical Society, September 2002: 5-6.
                b. Sadler, Philip, Professor Emeritus of Children’s Literature, CMSU. “Warrensburg and Johnson County’s Cena Christopher Draper, Part 2.” The Bulletin of the
                   Johnson County Historical Society, May 2003: 5-6.
          4.   Children’s Literature Class Papers
                a. “Cena Christopher Draper”, by Renee Kestes, Children’s Literature, April 6, 1970, 3 pages
                b. “Cena Christopher Draper”, by Barbara J. Hall, Children’s Literature,   November 16, 1981
                     (1). Typed draft, 11 pages
                     (2). Typed copies, 2 copies, 10 pages each
                     (3). Typed copy, missing pages 9-11
          5.   Children’s Literature Class Papers, no dates
                a. “Cena Christopher Draper”, by Gwenda Kramme, Children’s Literature Class, 4 pages, 4 copies
                b. “Cena Christopher Draper”, by Lon Rojero, Children's Literature Class
                     (1). Typed draft, 9 pages
                     (2). Typed 3 copies, 9 pages each
                     (3). Typed copy, missing page 9

     Author Information and Miscellaneous

          6. Articles and copies of collected articles
              a.  4 sheets, no dates.
              b.  Newspaper articles, 1968-1986, 21 items
          7. Folder: Correspondence with Phil Sadler and Publishers/Editors
              a.  1966—1 item
              b.  1969—12 items
              c.  1970—5 items
              d.  1971—3 items
              e.  1972—4 items
              f.  1973—8 items
              g.  1975--4 items
              h.  1976--3 items
               i.  1977--3 items
               j.  1978--18 items
               k. 1979--8 items
               l.  1981--5 items
              m. 1982--7 items
               n. 1983--2 items
               o. 1984--1 item
               p. 1985--3 items
               q. 1986--3 items
               r.   1987--1 item
          8. Crissey, William E.  Warrensburg, Missouri: A History with Folk Lore. Warrensburg, Missouri, 1924.
          9. Miscellaneous
              a.  Cena C. Draper, Illustration for “Winds of The Woods”, on a cardboard (11”x 9”), “Coat of Arms, the Distinguished Family of Mousers”
              b.  Miscellaneous, 5 sheets
              c.  Glossary and etc., 5 sheets
              d.  Notes, 11 sheets
              e.  Games, riddles, and related, 17 sheets
              f.   Notes on yellow papers, 7 sheets

Box 2a
17.5” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Ridge Willoughby. Austin, Tex.: Steck Co., 1952.                
           Working title:  Willoughby James

           1. Typed manuscript, 39 pages (5 pages of illustrations)
           2. Correspondence, 3 items
           3. Copies of newspaper clips and book jacket
           4. Copies of illustrated pages in 5 protective sleeves                                                  

     Papa Says: the Story of My Sister Bianca.  New York: Liveright Publishing Corp., 1956

            1. Partial copy of the book jacket

     Mother, the Overseer.  Dallas: Mary Rowland Sowell, 1962.

            1. One copy of the book jacket
     Rim of the Ridge.  New York: Criterion Books, 1965.

            1. Partial book jacket and copy of the book jacket
            2. Book announcement, copy from Library Journal, v.90, April 15, 1965
            3. One page of assorted information about Cena and her works
            4. Newspaper article “Rim of Ridge”, The Daily Star Journal, Warrensburg, Mo., Friday, April 30, 1965
            5. Book jacket and Pamphlet

Box 2b
17.5” x 11.5” x 3.75”

     Dandy and the Mystery of the Locked Room. Independence, MO: Independence Press, 1974.
           Working title: Beloved O’er All

           1. Typed manuscript
           2. From the author, 2 pages
           3. Edition notes, 4 pages
           4. Correspondence and related materials, 8 items
           5. Publication notes, book jacket, and book review                                                                                                    

     The Worst Hound Around.  Philadelphia: Westminster Press,1979.
           Working title: Blue dog

           1. Correspondence and related documents, 1977-1984
           2. Copy of periodical
           3. Publishers agreement
           4. Newspaper articles

Box 3a 
15.25” x 12.75” x 3”

     Unpublished Manuscripts

     Blue Belle and the Wild Flowers

           1. Copy of handwritten manuscript, illustrated, 17 pages

     The Dog named Mutt

           1.  Typed manuscript, 5 pages
           2.  Letter from Lois Tatarian, 1972

      Green Widow

           1.  Typed manuscript, 154 pages

      Loopy Bee

           1.  Typed manuscript, 6 pages
           2.  Handwritten and drawn illustrations, colored, 7 pages

      The Mystery at Cottontail Cottage

           1. Typed manuscript, pictures by Elizabeth Sterne, 13 pages

      Orphan’s Summer of Mystery

           1.  Typed manuscript, 163 pages
           2.  Letter from Barbara Bates, May 11, 1979

Box 3b
15.25” x 12.75” x 3”

     Unpublished Manuscripts

     The Pasture: Land of Enchantment

           1.  Picture of birds on plastic paper
           2.  Handwritten notes, 10 pages
           3.  Typed draft pages, 3 sets
           4.  Typed manuscript, 69 pages
           5.  Typed manuscript, edited, 80 pages
           6.  Typed manuscript, 86 pages
           7.  Correspondence, 5 items
           8.  Illustrations
                a.   Green piece of construction paper with a small drawing--labeled “books”
                b.   Drawing of a man in purple pants
                c.   Deadman’s Gulch!”-- treasure box and tombstones drawing
                d.   Bunch of cutout drawings and pictures pasted together as one picture
                e.   Cutouts pasted together, colored
                f.    Black and white illustration: a lady, tree, and a big blank spot—maybe a blanket
                g.   Black and white illustration: turtles, children, outdoors, 5 pages
                h.   Boy in boat with a cutout of two dogs sitting next to him, colored
                 i.   “Walden Pond II-Taffy, pooch and ‘Rilla’”, copy of the above picture, black and white
                 j.   Black and white illustration of trees, lake, and moon/sun
                 k.  “And I leave the children the long, long days to be merry in, in a  thousand ways.”; two children laying in the grass surrounded by bushes, pasted picture,
                 l.  “The Viking Dragon with sails, Fourth of July”, neon picture of sailboat
                m.  Picture of monkey with a blue face

     True Blue or It Shouldn’t Happen to a Dog

           1.   Typed manuscript, 63 pages
           2.   Xerox copy, 63 pages
           3.   Handwritten letter to Sadler from Draper

     Title unknown

           1.  Typed manuscript, edited, pages 46-163, missing page 153       

Box 4a
17.5” x 11.5” x 3.75”


           1.  Copies of newspaper clips about Draper’s plays, 3 sheets
           2.  Honorable Mention:
                a.  No.11, The Grand Old Man, one-act play
                    1).   Copy of typed manuscript, 11 pages
                b.  No.14, The Holy Hour, one-act play
                    1).   Copy of typed manuscript, 14 pages
                    2).   Pamphlet, August 6, 1928.  “Three Original One-Act Plays”  including “The Holy Hour”
          3.  Sing with the Angels, a Fantasy for Christmas, one-act play, 1944-45
                a.  Typed manuscript, 7 pages
          4.  Booklets: Plays of Fancy: Six Short Plays for the Elementary School Row-Peterson & Co., Evanston, IL, 1948.
                a.  Two copies, one signed by Draper
          5.  Booklet: Plays: the Drama Magazine for Young People,  February, 1951, Vol. X, No.5.  The Paper Princess by Cena is on pages 46-49
          6.  Summer Flight by Cena C. Draper and Maurice Nugent, 3 acts play, adapted from the novel Papa Says (by Cena, 1956)
                a.  Typed manuscript, 140 pages
           7.  The Golden Hoop, (a full-length play for children in two acts), produced By the Little Theatre group in Port Collins, Colorado for their five state conference, May
                a.  Typed manuscript, 45 pages

Box 4b
 17.5” x 11.5” x 3.75”

      Plays, dates unknown

            1. The Bells of Meldow, two acts play
                a.  Copy of typed manuscript, 71 pages
            2.  From the Singing Hills, two acts, a full-length play for the Community Theatre  (children’s) of Kansas City.  All women casts
                a.  Copy of typed manuscript, 46 pages (pages 19 & 20 are reversed)
            3. Rugby and the Snook, a play in three acts.  Originally Zig-zag-Zip-a-roo
                a.  Copy of typed manuscript
            4. Zig-zag-zip-a-roo, three acts play
                a.  Typed manuscript, edited, 57 pages
            5. Wizards of Taboo, two acts play
                a.  Copy of typed manuscript, 40 pages
                b.  Copies about the play Wizard of Taboo
            6. No title, two acts play
                a.  Typed manuscript, missing Act I-Scene One: pages I-1-1 to I-1-15