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Library Webcam and Headset Instructions


JCKL's webcams are standard USB plug-and-play webcams. To use the webcams, start your computer and log in. Once it is fully started, plug the webcam into any USB port. The device will automatically install. The computer may or may not give any indication that the device is installing and might not need to install at all if a similar webcam has been used on the computer in the past. Wait at least 60 seconds after plugging in the webcam just to be sure.

The webcam will start working automatically once camera-enabled software (Skype, Hangouts, etc.) is accessed on the computer. At that point, the LED on the camera will light up to indicate that it is working. 


JCKL's headsets use standard 3.5mm audio connectors. The lab and study room computers at JCKL have Universal Audio Ports located on the front of the PC tower. This is a single audio port that can support any kind of audio device. To use a JCKL headset, log into the computer. Once the computer has fully started, plug in your device. A popup dialog should appear that looks like this:

Audio device dialog

Select the Headphones/Headset option and click OK. Your headset should work as normal.

The PCs also have a standard audio output port on the back of the tower that supports listening devices like speakers and headphones. It does not support microphones or other input devices.

Get Help

If you need additional help, contact the Library Services Desk at 660-543-4154 or the Harmon Computer Commons Desk at 660-543-4196.