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Visual Literacy Assignment (Quality Assurance)

Visual Literacy Assignment- CTE 1210

Instructions for Visual Literacy Assignment

For this assignment, we will use Padlet, which has been described as an online “post-it” board. This assignment will require you to add both text and images and this is easy to do in Padlet. Everyone can also easily view all the posts in one place like a post-it board. For some basic Padlet instructions, see the information box at the end of this page.

This course has a component of information competency which is also called information literacy. We are surrounded by, even bombarded with information from various sources and formats. Perhaps you haven’t thought about the need to interpret visual images but with all the images we see online it is important to understand what we see. What is the story behind these images?

For instance, is this really a photo of one of the planes about to hit the World Trade Center on 9/11? Check it out here -


plane heading to twin tower 911


How Good are You at "Reading" an Image?
For this week's discussion, we will explore the concept of visual literacy. Can you dig under the surface and see what is really there?

Each of the 3 parts is worth 5 points (15 points total)?

Part 1 

  1. Review the information about visual literacy in this library guide.
  2. Look at the four images of the mother and child under the “A Picture is Worth 1000 Words” tab in the Guide. Think about how they are different. How do they make you feel?
  3. Post your reaction to TWO of the images to the class Padlet. I suggest you give the numbers of the images to which you are reacting in your post title.  (5 points)

Part 2

Find an image that impacts you in some way - this can be a personal photograph or from the internet. Perhaps it brings back good memories of  your childhood; maybe it makes you sad. It could relate to your life or what is going on in society.

  1. Post this image to the class Padlet page here -
  2. Include the URL if it is from the internet or indicate that it is your photograph or name the photographer.
  3. You do not need to make any comments about it.

Part 3
Make a comment on at least one image that a classmate posts for Part 2. Make sure comments are sensitive. No attacks, please.

Instructions for using Padlet

There are several ways to add a post to Padlet. I suggest you click on the PENCIL in the circle.

Click Here to Post in Padlet


Give your post a title and write your comment, attach an image, etc