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Finding a textbook in the library

This guide helps students navigate the process of finding textbooks for their courses

Does the library have my textbook?

How do I find my textbook?


This is one of the most common questions asked at the beginning of a semester.


The Library does not usually purchase textbooks.  Your instructor has given the UCM Store a list of textbooks and the number of students enrolled.  The best place to acquire your textbook is from the UCM Store.  

You are welcome to search the library catalog to see if the library owns a copy of your textbook.  If a copy of your textbook is available in the library, it will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. This guide provides additional information and links to help you locate your textbook for purchase or rental. 

Here is the information you will need to search for your textbook (this applies to finding it in the library or purchasing):

  •   Full Title
  •   Author(s)
  •   Edition
  •   Year published

If the title and author match, but it is not the same edition and year, it will have different content than the edition your instructor is using.  Exercise caution in using older editions.

If the Library has your textbook, we will probably only have one copy and it will be on Reserve for a very limited time period (usually 2 hours). We know that you really want the book for a longer period of time, but most of your classmates also want it. On these Reserve books, you will be fined $1.00 per hour if it is returned late. 

You can always find your textbooks at the UCM Store.  Many of your textbooks may be available to rent.  Renting is normally less-expensive than purchasing.