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Printing Help

Information about printing at JCKL

JCKL provides a printing services for students using the WEPAt print management system. This page contains basic information about printing at JCKL using WEPA. For additional assistance, feel free to contact JCKL personnel for assistance.

To print, follow these steps to print from any computer or device.

Create Your Account

First-time users must create a WEPA account at any WEPA print station or online at For faster login, tag a magnetic card like your UCM ID using the Tag Card icon at a WEPA print station.

Upload Your Documents

Send your documents to the WEPA print cloud using any of the following methods:

USB Drive

Insert your USB drive directly into the WEPA print station and select a document.

Web Upload

Log in at Select your documents and "send to WEPA."

File >> Print

Open your document, choose File >> Print, and select the WEPA printer. You must choose black and white or color at this point. The WEPA printers have been preinstalled on all JCKL computers. To install it on your personal computer, go to


Log in to your Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox account at a WEPA print station and select your documents.


Using your UCM email account, email your documents to


Download the WEPA Print mobile app from your device's app store and follow the instructions.

Log In At Any WEPA Print Station

Enter your username and password. Or, if you've tagged a card, simply swipe your card.

Print Your Documents

Pay using a credit/debit card or your WEPA account. UCM CentralCash is not supported at this time.